Could wearing a hat cause hair loss?

Could wearing a hat cause hair loss?

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Does wearing a hat cause hair loss?

In a world focused on keeping up with the latest trends, having a hat as an accessory to your outfit can give you that extra boost. Whether it be a humble beanie or a statement-making trilby, hats do play their purpose.

But what, if any, are the detrimental effects of wearing a hat to your hairline?

Most experts would be of the same opinion – wearing a hat daily won’t cause you to lose your hair, but if you’re already having problems, it can exacerbate them.

Hair pulling

If you’re always putting on and removing a hat, some of your finer hairs could be pulled out as a result. This will mean that the process of hair that is about to fall out due to balding is sped up. The obvious solution to this is to not put on a hat as often, as not to disturb your more delicate hairs.

Traction alopecia

 Alongside tightly pulled hairstyles, and the heat from your hair styling products, a tight hat will cause even the healthiest of hairs to become damaged and broken. Traction alopecia is a type of hair loss caused directly by these things – and it can cause hair to thin over time. So go careful on those tight hats!

Hat hair

 Alongside cutting off of circulation causing hair follicles to die, wearing a tight hat and then taking it off will leave you with flattened hair. If your hair is already quite thin, this will not be helpful to your hairstyle. It would be best to go without a hat and use a styling gel in this instance, as to not draw attention to your problem areas.


Hats are not the sole reason for hair loss, that is more dependent on your genes than your beanie, but it would be sensible to steer clear of tight hats especially if you are already starting to notice changes to your hairline.

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