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Hair Loss Solutions, which is Best For You?

The amount of hair loss solutions which have been increasing over the years gives us confidence that we are clearly not alone in helping people avoid hair loss, however the increasing number is making it much more harder to identify which hair loss options and treatments work and which do not.  In addition to the hundreds of over the counter products there are more clinical solutions such as laser therapy, prescription medicines, surgical procedures, hair restoration procedures and topical solutions such as shampoos, serums and foams available all of which claim to prevent future and reverse existing hair loss.

Patients who are recently encountering this market for the first time are expected to be overwhelmed with all the different options but even for patients who have been searching for hair loss solutions for a while will feel the strain of a long and arduous process. Sadly, hair loss is an aggressive and progressive situation which means that every moment spent on searching a solution to find it doesn’t work is another moment which your hair follicles are dying and your condition is further deteriorating.

Whilst there are many treatments available which have no proven benefits there are a number of well researched effective hair loss solutions. Yet in more cases than not, even these clinically proven remedies are not delivering the results that their users are expecting. Efficiency of any hair loss solutions is entirely dependent on your own circumstances, the wrong treatment choice will lead to poor results, if that treatment however acclaimed is not right for you. Find out some of the reasons some people consider for a hair transplant here.

As with our clinicians your time is precious and needs to be spent wisely for it certainly isn’t free. Information costs nothing but too much information can be very expensive in terms of time. At UK Hair our position on Hair Loss solutions advice has remained the same for years. You can discover why you could need a hair transplant procedure here. The only way you can possibly achieve the results you want or the best results possible is by meeting face to face with one of our consultant surgical assistants for a free assessment.

Hair Loss Solutions

Hair Loss Solutions Consultation

This appointment to discus your hair loss solutions treatment can be held at your local clinic, most of which are no more than a 60 minute journey from your homes or workplace. During the session a member of our surgical team will perform a series of surgeon derived microscopic diagnostic tests on the area that is concerning you from so the correct treatment plan can be devised.

Hair Loss Solutions - scalp close up

Above is a diagnostic microscopic picture taken at your consultation

Diagnostic Microscopic

Your hair loss treatment plan is highly dependent on the condition of the follicles in the recipient area, or the area in which treatment is deemed to be required. If the follicles in this region are dead then a hair transplant is the only course of action available to successfully regenerate the coverage in this area.

If the follicle is dying which is evidence through the presence of miniaturised hairs which are visible under the microscope but not to the naked eye, then a transplant is not an ethical solution. The space occupied by living albeit expiring follicles cannot be used to implant transplant donor follicles. Patients who are fortunate enough to be in this position can avoid Surgery if they are willing to take a prescribed course of medication to regenerate miniaturised hairs and improve the quality and thickness of existing and regenerated hairs.

20% of Patients seen can resolve their issue and prevent further hair loss with medication.

80% of Patients will require a transplant to achieve the result that they desire. Tellingly. had 60% of these Patients sought advice about hair loss some years in advance, they too could have prevented the need for a transplant with prescription medication.

Follicular vitality is the key to determining the most appropriate treatment. Healthy follicles produce full hairs which are visible to the naked eye. Expiring follicles which are under attack by DHT produce miniaturised hairs that can only be seen under a high resolution clinical microscope.

Dead follicles produce no hairs and leave a space in which a more robust DHT resistant follicle can be implanted during a hair transplant.

Only by booking your FREE LOCAL CONSULTATION will you be able to accurately obtain the most appropriate and effective treatment plan for you.

Due to the traumatic and emotive nature of hair loss it really is important that a trusted confidential environment in which you may discuss your concerns is assured. At UK Hair you wont be sold to, a consultation is a consultative experience for a reason, there will be no pressure applied from pushy commission based sales people, you simply come along for a no obligation chat. All consultations are held with members of our surgical team, who have been Surgeon trained and accredited to assess your current circumstance and propose the best solution for you alone. We have some reasons why our concealers work here. In addition all of our specialists have undergone successful hair loss treatments so understand how important and life defining your current situation is to you.

Hair Loss Solutions

Diagnostic Investigation of the Scalp

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