Looking after your hair in the sun

Looking after your hair in the sun is very important. The sun can be very damaging to hair, especially coloured hair as it is fragile and the Sun’s heat can dry it out. As the weather gets warmer it is getting more and more important that we see the risks presented to us and take precautions where necessary, after all, nobody wants hair loss, do they?

Hair treatments for before and after the sun

There are many hair treatments that can help to treat hair in the sun to give it that edge that people desire. Hair masks are a good hair treatment to use to protect your hair from the harmful UV rays that the sun transpires. This is a sort of conditioner that you leave on your hair from half an hour to even as long as overnight! The effects of the hair masks are amazing for those that want to soften their hair for those summertime Instagram uploads. Hair oils are also a good hair treatment to use by simply applying a teaspoon amount to your hair after you’ve washed it to build nutrients deep in the roots to accelerate growth and protect from the harmful rays from the sun. These oils are especially good for after sun exposure as it helps to rebuild the nutrients lost from the UV rays so that it can shine for as long as possible. All of these hair treatments lower the risk of hair loss in the future, therefore, they are essential for keeping your hair intact. At UK Hair we also offer hair transplant tablets which can prevent the loss of hair in the future and help to retain existing hair.

Covering your hair

Simply wearing a baseball cap or a fedora can help to protect your hair from the UV rays projected from the sun. This will help keep your hair intact from dryness, discolouration and fizziness and preserve your image for the evening poolside meals on that week’s all-inclusive holiday. Also sitting in the shade is a good way to cover your hair from the sun to ensure that it doesn’t cause hair loss, however, keep in mind this won’t get you that bronze tan you desire!

Looking after your hair when you leave the pool

Chlorine from pools can be quite harmful to your hair anyway, but if you put that together with sun exposure, the results can be detrimental. Hair can go frizzy and dry leading to split ends and the whole volume of your lovely locks will come to an end. This is why it is important that when you exit the pool you thoroughly wash the chlorine out of your hair before it is exposed to the sun. Most pool-sides have showers readily available next to the pool, for this reason, therefore, there’s no excuse to not do this to protect your hair from the damaging effects of chlorine which can cause hair loss if the hair is already weak!

The best actions to protecting your hair from the sun are using the hair mask conditioners the night before going out in the sun, applying the hair oils and also washing your hair after sun exposure which will decrease the risk of your hair becoming dry and frizzy. Ensure that no chlorine is left in your hair and your hair will be fine from the harmful UV rays this summer! Just remember these simple actions and you are covering yourself from the warm weather negative effects like hair loss!

After all, no one wants to lose their hair from not taking care of it properly!

If all else fails and you’re interested in hair loss solutions to contact us today.

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