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Beard Transplants Give You Great Facial Hair!

A recent study has found that 45% of men in the United Kingdom have been unhappy with their inability to grow facial hair. The main obstacle to this growth is patchiness throughout their beard and sideburns caused by either scarring or genetics. If you have sparse facial hair, patchiness or any facial scars, a beard transplant, also known as a facial hair transplant, may be the solution for you.

We are also seeing a growing number of F2M transgender patients seeking beard transplants as part of their gender reassignment. This is something we can happily carry out and have experience in doing.

Beard Transplants.

Facial Hair Transplants saw a significant increase in popularity over the past number of years, with even high profile celebrities such as David Beckham having the procedure carried out. Last year, in the UK alone, 4,500 men underwent FUE Beard Transplants method to increase density and fullness to their beards.

Beard transplants are specialist procedures, with outcomes linked to the surgeon’s skills. At UK Hair Transplant Clinics we only use expert surgeons who can guarantee an excellent transplant outcome for patients of all ethnic backgrounds.

FUE Beard Transplant treatment procedure is available at our clinics based in the UK and we offer facial hair transplant consultations across the country.

beard transplantBeard transplants from UK Hair Transplant Clinics

How do Beard Transplants work?

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) methodology, as utilized for hair transplants, is also used in Beard Transplants. This technique is a non-invasive method used to reestablish hair thickness on various regions of the face. The technique can take in the vicinity of three and nine hours. The relying upon the range treated and number of follicles required. For instance, a goatee may require up to 1,500 follicles, while a full facial hair transplant may require many more.

During the Surgery the Surgeon finds the ‘Donor Area’ along the edge or back of the head. This is utilized as the area from where follicles are taken the facial hair, mustache or sideburns. Better hair is commonly required for a Beard Transplant where the benefactor range is situated along the edges of the head. On the off chance that the patient is thinning up top or is totally uncovered it is likewise conceivable to utilize body hair, for example, chest hair for the donor region.

A FUE Beard Transplant is a day surgery and allows minimal downtime post-surgery. Once the ideal Donor Area is found, every hair follicle is taken out in turn. We utilize “punches” to trim in and around the follicle. The width of these punches will rely on the number of the follicles required – the better the hair the smaller the ‘punch’. This part of the procedure is finished discretely and will be unnoticeable after the donor area heals.

When this is finished, local anaesthetic is administered to the areas of the face where the beard transplant will be carried out. Cautious and skilful consideration is utilized to guarantee the extricated hairs are then embedded, one follicle at a time, at the correct area. This will result in astounding thickness and fantastic looking outcomes.

The Results.

Beard Transplantfacial hair transplant
The hair transplanted during an FUE Beard Transplant are placed permanently and will look like a natural part of your facial hair. The results will be noticeable almost immediately after the procedure is completed. As with any FUE Hair Transplant the full results are typically expected within several months and the results will only get better as time passes.

The hair that is transplanted will continue to grow as normal with the rest of your facial hair. You can be safe in the knowledge that your facial hair will grow as you wish after surgery!

A Free Beard Transplant Consultation.

By offering a free beard transplant consultation we can potentially save you hundreds of pounds before the first step is taken to addressing your facial hair issues. Other clinics will charge you hundreds of pounds for these consultations and may prescribe expensive treatments that you just do not need.

With our Consultation Clinics taking place across the UK we are sure that you will be able to find a beard transplant clinic location to suit you. If you are contemplating a facial hair transplant then we strongly recommend that you visit us as soon as possible.