Men’s Hair Transplants

There are two categories into which men’s hair transplants procedure fall into. Read on to find out more.

Mens hair transplant

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Save up to £2000

Monthly Payment Plans From £70

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    Types Of Men’s Hair Transplants


    There are two categories in which men’s hair transplants procedure fall into. Both are highly effective but use different techniques to extract the DHT-resistant follicles from the donor area which covers the back and sides of the head. Extraction of follicles from the donor site is commonly known as ‘Harvesting’ and this can be carried out in two ways, via FUT or FUE:


    FUT (Strip)

    The FUT hair transplant procedure also known as Strip is more suitable to those who have more extensive hair loss as up to 3000 grafts can be transplanted at one time, depending on the patient’s density and scalp elasticity. With this procedure, a very thin, linear scar is left across the scalp in the donor area which can be hidden by longer hair (grade 2 or above).



    FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction and refers to the technique via which a small round punch is used to extract units of hair follicles one by one from an area of dense hair growth and transplant them to an area of baldness. Each follicular unit (follicle) contains one to four hairs. FUE is best used on patients who are looking to have just 1 or 2 small areas covered.

    Need Advice?

    If you require any additional information regarding your hair transplant procedure please leave us your details below and a friendly fully trained telephone representative will give you a call back as soon as possible. All calls are completely confidential.

      Is FUT or FUE Better For Me?


      As a rule patients who require large scale implantation in one sitting must elect for FUT. This is because there is a confidence in the FUT extraction technique that a yield of between 2500 and 3000 will be possible in a single sitting. Yields of over 3000 follicles are not unheard of if scalp elasticity is high as the availability of excess scalp tissue material is the determining factor in FUT yield. Conversely it is possible that a patient with a tight scalp may only achieve a yield of up to 2200 follicles, scalp elasticity will be checked at your consultation before this procedure is recommended.

      If it is determined that you are suitable for the other technique you should be aware FUE extraction takes longer to ensure integrity and optimise successful growth. The follicles are extracted 1 by 1 and are picked based on how healthy they look. As we are taking from the back we have to ensure each graft we take has at least 5-6 grafts left surrounding it otherwise it can start to thin, this is why less grafts can be taken with FUE in one sitting. The FUE option is viable to patients who require generally no more than 2200 – 3000 grafts. Cases towards the end of this scale may require 2 seperate treatments 6 months apart.

      Patients should exercise extreme caution when dealing with clinics who promise to extract and implant above 3000 follicles in one treatment, irrespective of whether the proposed treatment is FUE or FUT. With FUT there is no guarantees the strip density will provide over 3000 and with FUE if they promise a graft count that high they are risking “over-harvesting” which leaves the donor area looking thin and depleted.

      Success Rate

      The typical success rates in hair transplants are 92% for FUE and 97% for FUT. This is mainly due to the time the grafts are out the body, it is slightly longer with FUE. However, as with FUE we can pick the follicles producing more hairs, visually there is little aesthetic difference in the long run.


      During the consultation, we will look at your family history of hair loss. If your family has a lot of Norwood 6/7 then we are more likely to recommend FUT which can get 6000 grafts over 2 treatments opposed to FUE getting around 4000.


      Due to FUE being individual extraction it requires more skill and takes much longer therefore the cost is higher. The cost difference from FUT to FUE can range from £600 to £1500 depending on the size of the case. Costs for both procedures can be spread over monthly instalments starting from £50 a month.

      Treatment Time

      FUE typically takes slightly longer than FUT even though you can get less grafts in one treatment. This is due to us taking the follicles 1 by 1 whereas with FUT we take all the grafts at once. FUE takes roughly 8 hours for a full 2200 whereas FUT takes around 6 hours for up to 3000.


      Advance Surgical Transplant Treatments

      UK Hair’s Consultant Clinicians, Patient Coordinators, Core Operations Managers and Surgical Team work together with the goal of providing patients the best experience possible. Many have been with UK Hair for more than 5 years and are among the most skilled and experienced in the field of hair transplantation. The UK Hair team have travelled to many conferences over the years, helping to demonstrate advanced surgical techniques, including the Maxi Hair Transplant, for those patients with more severe hair loss.

      Such is our recognised expertise in the field of hair restoration, UKHair staff are often approached to teach assistants from other clinics the nuances of the more advanced techniques. As a result, physicians from around the world regularly link in to UKHair to observe and learn which gives us great pride in the confidence placed in them and the respect with which they are withheld in the hair loss assessment industry.


      Free Retreat Or Your Money Back

      It’s easy to make bold statements of success, less so to substantiate such claims in a rapidly expanding and highly publicised marketplace. UK Hair Transplant Clinics tackle real problems with appropriate solutions every day and as such have never been afraid of backing up their claims of assured satisfaction and guaranteed results. At UK Hair we only accept Patients that we know we can help and create expectations that we know they can fulfil and as such can afford to offer a unique treatment guarantee. We are so confident in our ability to resolve your hair loss assessment concerns that we formally commit to satisfying every Patient. When you choose UK Hair Transplant Clinics you can be reassured that in the unlikely event that we are unable to achieve the target treatment plan and corresponding realistic result, we will welcome you back and retreat you at no extra cost. This happens rarely but in the event that we cannot retreat for medical reasons, you will receive an appropriate refund.


      All Surgical Facilities Are Registered WithThe Governments CQC (Care Quality Commission)

      UK Hair Transplant Clinics’ facilities are a unique blend of art and high technology. Our treatment and surgery rooms are designed to combine the latest in science and aesthetics. Our surgery rooms are fully equipped to handle a full day of Microscopic Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation or Follicular Unit Extraction surgery, one patient per room. Each surgery room is adjunct to a row of five to six high definition, optimal resolution microscope stations where technicians cut and sliver a patient’s donor strip.

      No matter which facility you choose for your treatment, our attentive staff and relaxed, contemporary setting helps put patients at ease from the minute they have there hair loss assessment to the moment the surgery is complete.


      Surgeons Who Are Accredited Specialists In Hair Restoration

      All of our surgeons are Members of the Hair Restoration Professional Body and they are listed on a number of independent consumer advocate websites as being among the top physicians performing hair transplantation in the UK. The physicians at UK Hair perform just one procedure: hair transplantation. They work one-on-one with patients throughout the process and typically prefer to schedule only one procedure a day to give each patient the attention and care they deserve.


      Written Guarantee With Your Treatment

      The UK Hair Transplant Clinic is without question Britain’s number one Hair Restoration Procedure Specialist seeing over 4000 Patients every year and featured by the BBC. In the UK market today we are the only specialist provider of hair transplant procedures and hair loss solutions with a 100% written guarantee. Our primary concern is hair loss and its rectification, that’s literally all we do and because we’re so passionate about exemplary results we never rest in our mission to improve upon our tried and tested principles.


      Some Of The Lowest Retreat Rates In The World

      Whilst UK Hair stand by their no quibbles guarantee we don’t take pleasure in retreating Patients which can for many be an added inconvenience. We do our utmost to avoid the necessity for retreat and as such turn 2 in 10 Patients away. Through years of experience we can spot a potential issue at consultation and in those unfortunate cases we are likely to turn that Patient away.

      Pricing And Finance Options


      We know the cost of a hair transplant can be daunting. We offer regular promotions to customers that have been for consultations, you just have to attend one to be in the with a chance of hearing about them.

      Another way to pay is to pay in monthly instalments; you can spread the cost over 12 to 60 months. The payments range from £50 to £200 per month, depending on the amount you want to pay and how quickly you want the agreement to finish. If you chose this option after your consultation one of our advisors will talk you through the steps and help you pick the plan best for you.

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