In the past, thinner eyebrows were not a problem – in fact for some people they were preferable – but more recently tastes have changed and thicker eyebrows are back in fashion.

This can be problematic if you have naturally thin eyebrows, but also for people who have spent years plucking their eyebrows, as this can damage the follicle and prevent hair from growing back as thickly.

Makeup is a temporary solution mainly for women but can become a burdensome chore for people of any gender, increasing the desire for a more permanent solution.

You may also suffer from bald patches in otherwise thick eyebrows, which can occur for a variety of reasons including stress, the ageing process, or scar tissue left behind by a piercing that has grown out.

An eyebrow transplant inserts healthy follicles into the affected area, allowing these bald patches to grow back thicker and fuller, and restoring the natural appearance of the brow.

What to know about eyebrow transplants

Eyebrow transplants differ from scalp hair transplants in a number of important ways, including:


Because eyebrow transplants typically involve far fewer follicles, the total cost of the procedure can be less than a substantial scalp hair transplant. At the same time though, the positioning of transplanted eyebrow hairs must be very precise, so it’s a procedure that requires an expert hand.


An eyebrow transplant procedure can take just a few hours. It depends on how much work is needed – to patch in a small bald spot or infill and reshape the entire eyebrow. Recovery can take around ten days and it is important not to excessively touch the treatment area until it is fully healed.


Success rates for eyebrow transplants are high at around the 90% mark. It is impossible to graft the follicle as deeply into the brow as it is on a scalp site, for example, so extra care is required during the healing process to ensure a successful graft.

Finally, if you have lost your eyebrows quite suddenly, there may be a genetic or hormonal factor behind this – so you may wish to consult your family doctor or another medical professional just to check that you don’t need any treatment for underlying health conditions.

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