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  • Ways to Improve Thick Beard Growth

Ways to Improve Thick Beard Growth

3 Ways to Improve Thick Beard Growth

A beard is a very prominent part of a man’s appearance. It pulls together their features and sets out an image through which people come to see them. For generations, a thick beard has been a way for people to ascertain power. The longer and thicker the beard is, the more respect it commands. However, these are concepts of the past and today beards have become a fashion statement. There are many ways that you can grow your beard better and thicker and the top three are explained below.

Using Natural Methods.

The first thing that you need to do when trying to grow a thick beard is exfoliating your skin. Getting rid of dead cells and dry skin is very important. Exfoliating your skin also stimulates hair growth as it improves blood circulation in your face which will be beneficial for your hair.

Cleanliness is the key to a healthy beard. Wash your face at least twice a day to remove all the dust and dirt that accumulates on it. After washing, use a moisturizer that has eucalyptus in it as this extract promotes hair growth. Washing your beard should be a part of your routine, but just like all other hair that you have, washing it too much can be damaging to your hair.


It is very important that you shave your beard in an appropriate manner. It is a common misconception that all your hair grows at the same rate, whereas the fact of the matter is that your beard grows faster than the hair on your scalp. Another myth is that shaving your beard will make more hair grow more and will even out your beard.

Usually, young boys fall trap to this myth, and you will find them vigorously shaving every day. However, care should be taken when doing this. People who have just hit puberty will not grow a thick beard overnight, it will grow in patches all over your face but, the good news for you is that eventually your beard will even out, no matter how patchy it is.

Shaving carefully and making sure that you remove ingrown hair is very important as these hairs can be damaging for your skin because your beard will grow unevenly around the ingrown hairs. Razor bumps can be avoided by applying Aloe Vera, using hydrocortisone cream and tea tree oil. Applying these to the inflamed area overnight reduces the itchiness and will make the skin smoother.

What Products to Use?

Natural extracts like the eucalyptus extract, Aloe Vera and Amla oil are all very good for your beard. People are very sceptical of using products on their beard hair as It can directly affect your skin as well. But some products have been used and rated very highly by professionals and normal people alike. Amongst these are Beard Growth Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner which is perfect for heavier hair as it keeps them soft and manageable.

Secondly, here at UK Hair Transplant Clinics, we offer a range of products and solutions to help improve thick beard growth.

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