Could Hair Transplant surgery help you find love?

Looking for Love? Hair Transplant Surgery could be on the table!

Hair transplant surgery is becoming more popular each day, as people up and down the UK are experiencing hair loss. Hair loss can be caused by a number of things – genetics, hormones, stress and even putting pressure on the hair, such as when wearing extensions or brushing too hard. Hair transplant surgery involves implanting healthy follicles, extracted from a different part of the scalp, into the balding part. This gives you the ability to grow natural, healthy hair again. Hair transplant surgery could even help you to find love – here’s how.

1. It’s natural hair

Instead of having to wear a wig or a hairpiece, hair transplants give the patient completely natural hair which covers up any bald spots. They are able to grow their own hair back in a number of weeks. Unfortunately, it can be alarming for prospective dating partners when they run their fingers through your hair only to discover that it isn’t your hair at all! Natural hair may be more attractive.

2. Your hair is manageable

Since the hair transplant will simply move your own follicles to a different area of your head, the hair that will grow from these follicles will be your own. You’ll be able to style it however you like and you’ll be used to it since it will be exactly like the hair on the rest of your head. A full head of your own, manageable hair will definitely impress any dates!

3. You’ll have a full head of hair

Hair loss treatment specialists Maximum Hair conducted a two-month experiment, during which they created two identical dating profiles – the only difference being that, in one picture, the man in question had a full head of hair, and in the other, he had a receding hairline and thinning locks. The results of this experiment were telling – the profile showing the man with a full head of hair received 108 responses, whereas the profile showing the balding man received 22. It is inevitable that people make judgements on appearances, and it seems you might have better luck in the dating scene if you have a full head of hair!

4. You’ll be seen as ‘strong’

Traditionally, a balding scalp has been associated with undesirable characteristics such as weakness. A thick and flowing head of hair, on the other hand, is often associated with strength and virility. If there is even a small trace of these beliefs left in people today, then it might be time to consider hair transplant surgery.

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