Most of us take our hair for granted. Our hair on a daily basis goes through the stresses and strains from being washed, styled, pulled and so on. For some of us, we are very fortunate to be in a situation where we do not require a hair transplant but for many, this is a lifeline to making sure your hair lasts as long as possible. Whether you are young or of older generation hair transplant finance is available to all.

Over the last, five or so years hair transplants have become more and more popular with the many celebrities opting to stop early balding or thinning of the hair with some kind of transplant treatments. This has raised the awareness of this issue and everyday people who are concerned, are now opting for similar treatments.

One of the biggest questions that we face on a day to day basis is what is the true cost of hair transplant finance? At UK Hair we believe the focus should always be on you rather than the cost of the treatment. We know once any treatment is carried out the results of the treatment will be hugely outweighed by the cost of any treatment completed with us. With most people coming to UK Hair we find cost is one of the biggest barriers but our aim has always been to provide high-quality treatments at affordable prices.

To really answer that question we at UK Hair offer great pricing options with treatments starting with prices from around £42.00 per month. Pricing is always an important factor to consider at all times but should not always be the defining factor.

There are however different treatments available and the prices are affordable for each.


Pay As You Grow Payment Plans

  • From £70 per month
  • Front thinning from – £83 month
  • Hairlines – £94
  • Crown Thinning – £73
  • Eyebrow Transplant –   £52
  • Beards Transplant – £74

As you can see from the Hair Transplant Finance pricing above each of the pricing is very affordable and can be completed at a cost of around £70 per month. For more queries connect with our experts in the contact form below.

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