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New discovery could transform hair transplants forever


This revolutionary discovery could transform the way hair transplants are conducted forever

This revolutionary discovery could transform the way hair transplants are conducted forever

Times could well be changing in the world of hair transplants, and it’s all thanks to the fast-moving nature of technology.

A university in America has discovered that skin from a human scalp can be regrown with the use of 3D printing technology, allowing new hair to grow as normal on top.

This can be transferred from patient to patient, hopefully helping millions of people worldwide who are currently experiencing hair loss.

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing does exactly what it says on the tin, it prints three dimensional solid objects, from trainers to cars.

It’s creating a physical object from a digital design, usually done on a computer.

If the machine is big enough, and the digital file works, then pretty much anything can be printed out.

To make something, you effectively just add layers of a material until the thing you want is visible. It’s set to change the game of manufacturing, mainly thanks to the fact it uses fewer materials than the usual manufacturing methods.

It’s also great for making quick and easy prototypes, without having to make a full size or fully manufactured replica.

What has 3D Printing got to do with hair loss and how does it work?

Plenty! No longer will the usual methods be necessary, which can be both time consuming and costly. This could open up hair loss treatment to all people from all backgrounds, making it safe and affordable.

There’s no need for tattoos, or to take hair from elsewhere on the body, which is a bonus. Those with a lack of hair elsewhere, or who suffer from the likes of alopecia would now be able to benefit from the treatment.

It could also be seen as a great tool for research methods, with the possibility of finding growth treatments and stopping hair loss in its tracks.

Effectively, what they’ve created is a microenvironment, replicating how human hair would normally grow. Instead of the hair being replaced on the head though, it’s the skin, which allows the hair to grow as normal with a fresh scalp.

Hair follicle cells were placed onto the mould, keratin-producing cells added on top and then other growth factors also added.

Amazingly, human skin started to grow around the mould, proving that it could be possible to recreate hair transplants through the use of 3D printing.

Will this soon be available?

We’re keen to point out that this discovery was merely part of a study. It could be years, even decades before this comes to fruition.

Heck who knows, 3D printing could even come and go and leave space for a new kid on the block.

It’s certainly a big step towards research of hair-loss and treatments however, and hopefully something like this will kick-start a wave of new technologies and options for those wanting to change the way they look.

Its early days, but this could certainly be a ground-breaking breakthrough for the world of hair loss, and one we will definitely be keeping a close eye on for developments.

Would you consider hair loss treatment if it was to involve 3D Printing? Let us know on our contact page.

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