Hairlines are usually hereditary and defined in men and women by several characteristics, such as height and . Every individual’s hairline is distinctive and can change with age. Some people may feel as though there is nothing, they can do to change the hairline, if they don’t like the look of it. Worry not, as there is always a solution to combat it.

There are many different types of hairlines, and the solutions vary with each type. For those with receding hairlines, the goal is usually to bring the hairline forward so that the forehead appears smaller.

For those with low hairlines, the goal is usually to bring the hairline back so that the forehead is larger and the gap between the eyebrows and the hairline is increased, creating a more flattering face shape.

Those with a widow’s peak may want the balder spots on their hairlines filled in for a straighter, more complementary shape.

Different Types of Hair line

Here’s a little insight into the different types of hairlines and how they can be modified.

Straight hairline

A straight hairline is considered a normal hairline. This hairline does not follow the natural curve of the head but is a straight line at the front with 90-degree angles on the sides. A straight hairline is genetic, and it is not necessary that your hairline is supposed to be straight.

Are hairlines supposed to be straight, this is the thought of many people, but various hairlines are considered the best hairline apart from receding and uneven hairlines. Also, many people have a question that are all hairlines straight? The answer is simple, no, all hairlines are not straight. Here in this article, we will talk about the rest of the hairlines.

Mature hairline

Many males tend to associate mature hairline with receding hairline, male pattern baldness and hair loss. Well, this is not the case. Here we will tell you what is a mature hairline. A maturing hairline is a slightly higher hairline that men develop when transitioning from teenagers to adults. The process typically starts between the ages of 17 and 29. Mature hairline is a natural phenomenon and nothing to be worried about. Mature hairlines emerge gradually, a mature hairline at 17 will look quite different than a mature hairline at 20.

Most men also have a concern that how long does a mature hairline last. Maturing hairline lasts for about 5 years and if you have male pattern baldness it lasts longer, and you may lose more than 100 hairs in a day.

Low hairline

Those with a low hairline have a small space between their eyebrows and hairline, thus creating the appearance of a small forehead.

For some, this can be flattering – for others, it draws attention away from the features of the face. If you do not like your low hairline and want a simple change, then ask your hairdresser for some help.

Low hairlines are the easiest to fix, your stylist uses edgers to trim your hairline slightly higher, or to your desired position. People with low hairlines do not have to worry about hair loss unless their hairline starts to recede and become higher with age.

Middle hairline

A middle hairline is also known as an average or normal hairline. This type of hairline sits in the middle of the forehead. If you have a middle hairline, consider yourself fortunate because it is a hairline that most people want.

People with a middle hairline can style hair the way they want.

Uneven hairline

If your hairline does not have any symmetry, it is known as an uneven hairline. Both men and women can have it. One side of the hairline is slightly higher than the other. There is also a zigzag-type pattern of hair growth.

An uneven hairline is genetic. However, other causes are hairstyling practices like pulling or tugging the hair too tightly. A hairline can also become uneven if the hairline starts to recede. In men, male pattern baldness leaves an uneven hairline that can deteriorate further as hair loss continues. Female pattern hair loss also presents an uneven hairline.

There are various solutions for both men and women suffering from uneven hairlines due to receding hairlines. Visit the UK Hair Transplant Clinics to know about the options.

Widow’s peak

More often than not, hairlines are not supposed to be perfectly straight. There are many different types of hairlines, and most have ‘flaws’, small bald spots or other imperfections.

A widow’s peak is a good example of this. It is also known as M shaped hairline as the hairline recedes at the sides of the head but comes forward naturally in the middle. This type of hairline is a tell-tale sign of a receding hairline. So, how to deal with receding hairline? With this type of receding hairline, the best solution is a hair transplant, as this will give you the most natural-looking and complimentary hairline.

Receding hairline

A receding hairline is a common problem among men and women. But it is more prominent in men. The hairline is a hereditary trait, but it also develops over time due to stress, age, eating habits, excessive hairstyling and hormonal changes. A receding hairline is also known as a high temple hairline because the hair starts to creep upwards.

How to know if you have a receding hairline?

Receding hairline is heredity, and you may start to lose hair at the same time as your parent or grandparents did. However, various signs let you know is my hairline receding. These include gradual hair thinning, excessive hair fall, bald patches on the scalp, the hairline looks uneven and M shaped hairline. In men receding hairline occurs in 7 stages. Stage 1 – no signs of receding hairline in the beginning. Stage 2 – hair thinning on both the temples. Stage 3 – hair strands start to thin. Stage 4 – hair loss that leads to baldness on the top of the scalp. Stage 5 – hair strands on the crown fall off. Stage 6 – the hair strands in the middle of the scalp starts thinning and fall off. Stage 7 – no hair on half of the scalp.

To fix a high or receding hairline, many people resort to tattoos, certain sprays or makeup. These solutions do work but are temporary. The most natural and effective solution would be a hair transplant. It will give you real hair to bring your hairline forward and offer a more flattering shape.

While a receding hairline can be distressing for an individual, it poses no risk to health. Most people can manage their hairline with treatment options available to help their hair look fuller or regrow.

However, if you can’t tell if my hairline is receding, then you should schedule a consultation with hair experts at UK Hair Transplant Clinics today. They will assess your hair and let you know about the receding hairline and suggest the best treatment options.

Are you looking for more info on the different types of hairlines?

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