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What’s happened in the world of hair transplants?

The latest news in the world of hair transplants is yet another television star has undergone therapy and taken the plunge into having a hair transplant. Gogglebox star Chris Steed has invested and had a very successful hair transplant recently.

Hair loss wasn’t a new issue for Chris as he has been suffering from hair loss since he was just 18 years old. Chris decided that he would start to use toupees and wigs as a way of hiding his hair loss. After trying hair thickening treatments Chris thought the only way of hiding his hair would be through wearing false hair pieces. Until recently this had worked out ok for him but he decided after an embarrassing incident in which he lost his wig he was going to look into the possibilities of hair transplant therapy.


Being a hairdresser it was quite upsetting for Chris having to hide his own hair whilst making others look fabulous. The Brighton hairdresser now no longer has to hide his hair after two treatments he is able to show off his fabulous locks and call them his own.

A quote from Chris regarding his treatment he stated “I am so pleased with the results and I do feel 10 years younger. I had significant baldness around my crown and this new procedure has filled in all those gaps”.

He first had treatment around the hairline specifically and at the front of the scalp about five years ago and then followed this up with further treatment more recently.

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Who else has been in the news for hair transplants?

Slavin Bilic West Ham manager has also recently unveiled a new look which was down to his hair transplant. The football manager opted to have an  FUT (follicular unit transplantation) procedure as he had hair follicles available to be transferred and this process has left him with great results but virtually not scarring if any. There have been a few footballing stars that have undergone the procedure we have previously looked at including Wayne Rooney and Didi Hamann.

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