Unexplained hair loss can be worrying but there’s often ways to fix it quickly.

Don’t panic, everyone loses hair. Approximately we lose fifty to hundred hairs each day, this is from our morning showers, to drying out our hair to brushing and putting our fingers through it. This process is just part of the natural hair cycle and they’ll soon be a new one to replace it. Nevertheless, there are however preventative techniques that are held in high regard as to preventing unexplained hair loss from occurring.

Avoid excessive use of hair dryers.

As heat weakens hair proteins, continuous blow drying of hair using can be an attributing factor to unexplained hair loss. The best from of drying your hair is to simply let it dry itself. At the very least try allowing a period of time before using the dryer so it can naturally dry.

Perms can permanently damage hair.

The process of chemically straightening or curling your hair drastically damages the inner bonds of your hair to reform them in a different way, thus creating the perm. However the technique causes dull, dry and brittle hair, and can thus contribute to unexplained hair loss.

Start to use a milder shampoo.

Maintaining a healthy scalp is crucial to reducing Unexplained hair loss. However sometimes we make the mistake of trusting any shampoo on the market; avoid anything with sulfate and sulfonate. Instead look out for Isethionate or Glucoside in your choice of shampoo.

Unexplained hair loss

Sudden and gradual significant hair loss can both be troubling for some individuals. Thanks to UK Hair Transplant Clinics, your hair loss can be a problem that’s left in the past; we are excited to announce we’ll be offering the very latest technology from the USA called “AFR” ( Accelerated Follicular System) which is clinically proven to Accelerate Regrowth of transplanted hair and to help thicken your existing hair and significantly slow down any further hair loss. Find out more by clicking here.

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