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The Different Types of Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant surgeries are one of the leading solutions for hair loss and have helped millions across the UK. The type of hair transplant surgery does differ depending on both the extent of the hair loss and the placement of the balding area on your head. All hair transplants involve taking healthy hair follicles from a donor area and implanting them in the balding area, to promote hair growth to cover any bald patches or receding hairlines. They have a huge celebrity following, all of whom have shared great success stories. All surgeries are different and personalised to the patient in question, so you’ll need to have a consultation with your chosen clinic to determine which type of hair transplant surgery you’ll be receiving.

Hairline surgery

Hairline surgery involved taking follicles from the donor area and implanting them into the hairline. This is perfect for those that are experiencing hair loss on the hairline, resulting in an uneven or far-back line. It’s also an option for those with an exaggerated widow’s peak, as the bald spots can easily show on short hair, or on long hair when it’s pulled back. This is a popular hair transplant surgery for women, as widows peaks are particularly noticeable when the hair is pulled back from the face, into a ponytail, for example.

Crown surgery

Crown surgery involved the implantation of healthy hair follicles into the crown of the head. Ever noticed that hair swirl on the back of a man’s head? That’s the crown and is also a common place that hair loss affects. Hair transplant surgery can have your hair looks thick and healthy again in no time, with minimal aftercare and no scarring!

Front surgery

Similar to hairline surgery, this is for those whose hairline has receded much further back than it should be. Follicles are implanted into the front section of the scalp to bring the hairline forward and thicken up the hair from the back forwards. The only difference from hairline surgery is the size of the area receiving follicles – it’s a bigger area with front hair transplant surgery.

Full head surgery

This hair transplant surgery is for those with extensive hair loss. It refers to hair loss all over the head, instead of in one particular area, and so the recipient area is considerably larger than with other types of hair transplant surgeries. This comes with a higher cost, but it’s definitely worth it for a full head of thick, luscious locks!

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