What is the ideal beard to face ratio

What is the ideal beard to face ratio


What is the ideal beard to face ratio?

In recent years, it has become a fashion trend to grow and maintain a beard in many cultures. We are going to be investigating what the ideal beard to face ratio is. We understand that some people have their own ideas of what the perfect beard should be but we are going to be thinking about multiple factors when discovering the perfect facial hair.


The Full Beard:

We can all say that The Full Beard is the master of all facial hair and is simply a pleasure to look at but is it too long for everyday life? In most accounts, we have found that people, in general, like the full beard but there are some situations where a big bushy beard just isn’t the right attire to wear. For example, if you work some restaurants, they may require you to shave your beard. This type of beard may just be a little too much hair and not enough face for the perfect ratio.


The Goatee:

The Goatee is a small area of beard that is gown on the chin and just below the mouth. A common matchup is the Goatee with a Musteshe, which gives your month a full cover all around it. Again, depending on how long your Goatee is, some jobs may require you to shave it off or maintain it a little more. This type of facial hair might just be on the other end of the problem, this type shows a bit too much face a with not enough hair.


Full Stubble:

More and more people are focusing on making sure their beard is perfect before worrying about their head hair. Full Stubble is probably one of the hardest styles to maintain and keep tidy on a day-to-day basis. However, you will most often be fine with this type of beard in most jobs. This type of facial hair could be considered the best but it does depend on how well you maintain it and what style you choose to have.


How you grow your beard is entirely your decision and your choice! We are simply expressing what we think is a good option the best beard to face ratio for those of us who cannot decide how to wear their facial hair. Some people have problems with growing beards, but we can make it easy with one of our expert Beard Transplant. Get in touch with us if you are looking to grow a strong beard but you are having trouble on 0800 043 0993.

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