Things to consider post-hair transplant procedure

Hair transplants can transform the look, texture and thickness of your hair, improving your confidence and self-esteem. They can be costly, however, and can include lengthy preparations and after-care processes depending on which method of surgery that you choose, with the help of your clinic. The after care post-hair transplant procedure using the FUE (follicular unit extraction) process is shorter and the client is left with virtually no scarring, or tell-tale signs of the procedure. Here, we discuss the usual questions clients have after the procedure, and all the things that are need-to-know.

1. Things that will happen post-hair transplant procedure

As a client, after your procedure, you will be advised on a programme (which will be personalised with your own specific needs in mind) involving a short three-day course of antibiotics, which will prevent any infections that might occur in your scalp. It is also highly recommended that a client takes medications offered to reduce any swelling or redness around the area. Your clinic will provide an after-care package which usually contains specifically tailored shampoo to care for your hair post-hair transplant procedure, all necessary medications and a full instruction booklet about your aftercare, which will be ready for you to take home with you. It is advised that you do not return to work for at least 7 days after the procedure.

post-hair transplant

2. Physical exercise

We would not advise that you do any strenuous physical exercise (i.e. Go to the gym) post-hair transplant procedure – at least for a month after your surgery. It might be worthwhile to look into freezing your gym membership in advance for this period, as many gyms offer this and it will prevent you losing any money to a membership. It is also recommended that you avoid swimming for at least a fortnight following your hair transplant, as the chlorine present in swimming pools can affect the results of your procedure.

post-hair transplant

3. Holidays

Holidays are actually encouraged following your hair transplant, as it gives you the perfect opportunity for rest post-hair transplant procedure. However, if you choose to go on holiday somewhere sunny, make sure that you do not expose your head to harsh sunlight for at least two weeks after the surgery – the same applies for heavy rain. If you do come into contact with sunlight, it is recommended that you wear a hat or apply sufficient amounts of sun screen to your scalp.

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4. Evidence

Often, clients ask about how obvious it will be that they have had a hair transplant procedure – for example, with scarring or other tell-tale signs. Your head will be shaved before the procedure, in order to get the highest level of precision – so, in short, it will be fairly obvious that some sort of surgery has been performed. However, approximately 7 days after the procedure your hair should begin to grow back, and around 6 months after you should have a full head of new hair – and it will be completely unnoticeable that any surgery has been undertaken.

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