popular hair loss myths

Could popular hair loss myths be true or just a hoax?

Hair loss is widely talked about, often with misleading facts that people don’t really know. Hair loss is a subject that has had various misunderstandings and myths that may scare you.

We will look at some of the biggest misinterpretation of hair loss and declare which ones are true or false.

Wearing a hat

This is one of the biggest points people say that causes hair loss. The most generally accepted cause of losing hair is an adjustment of hair follicles and hormones, additionally, changes within our body. Taking into these points into consideration we can tell you wearing a hat won’t be the main issue of hair loss.

Furthermore, there isn’t any scientific evidence that confirms that it can suggest wearing a hat is the main principle to hair loss. If you have heard people saying wearing a hat can cut off circulation to the hair follicles, they are spreading a myth around. Only wearing a hat too tight all day will implement some hair loss but isn’t likely.

Parent heritage

Another popular hair loss myth is, hearing that hair loss is inherited from your mother’s side. This isn’t the case because you will have to look at your father’s side to see what the future of your hair will be. All this isn’t true since hair density is a polygenic trait. This implies your potential hair loss doesn’t just come from one side of your family but a combination of both. So if you like to investigate about your possible hair loss you need to take into account your mother’s and father’s side.

Washing hair excessively

Many people accept that washing hair excessively causes hair loss. Naturally, you lose 100 hairs every day, most of this is due to shampooing your hair. When you a washing and shampooing your hair it simply displaces hairs already detached from your scalp during that day.

When you don’t shampoo some days, hairs will either remain in your hair follicles loosely or come out when you brush your hair. If you leave washing your hair later, you will notice the amount of hair you lose is more than washing your hair every day. Washing your hair frequently stimulates the scalp, creating a good habitat for healthy hair growth. Another hair loss myth busted!


It is often believed that UV rays will damage hair follicles, to an extent where you cannot go past the growth development of the hair cycle.  This myth is not true although having a lot of exposure to the sun may cause brittle and dry hair, however, fear not since it doesn’t actually cause severe hair loss or affect the follicles of hair.

Females have more hair than males

A very common myth that lots of people believe is women have more hair than man, which was opposed in a study during the early 1990’s. The study implied that women had 279 hairs per square cm in comparison to males having 312 hairs per square cm. The study proves men have more hair due to the hair being finer, therefore, taking up less space for more hair follicles. Both genders had a difference of 10% difference.

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