Hair Styles That Cause Hair Loss.

It may come as a surpise to you, but there are several types of hair styles which can cause hair loss in both men and women. The cause of this is something know as ‘Traction Alopecia.’ Traction Alopecia is where hair loss occurs after hair is gently pulled on for days and hours as a result of the way the hair is styled. Most of the time this is not noticeable as the pulling on the roots is very gentle. Over a number of months and years this can lead to severe hair loss and can result in a need for hair transplant surgery.

So, what are the hair styles that can cause Traction Alopecia? Here are our five hair styles to avoid!

1. Ponytails.

ponytails cause hair loss

Whilst it may be a some practical hairstyle, ponytails can result in hair loss from both the front and the top of your head. As a general rule the tighter the ponytail the more likely it is to cause the Traction Alopecia which can cause damage to your hair. We suggest that if you are wearing your hair up in a ponytail that you should alter it’s position several times in a day in order to relieve the pressure on the roots. A looser ponytail will also help reduce the stress put on the roots by the hairstyle.

2. Cornrows.

cornrows cause hair loss
Cornrows cause damage as the hair is braided quite closely and tightly to the scalp. This creates tension and will lead to hair loss and hair breakage, especially if you choose to keep your hair in cornrows for a long period of time. Also, if you don’t clean your hair properly, there are chances that you may encourage infections that will promote formation of bald spots.

3. Dreadlocks.

dreadlocks cause hair loss

Dreadlocks are perhaps one of the most damaging hair styles which can lead to hair loss. Dreadlocks damage the hair follicles and over a period of time, the hair become tangled to form dreads. This causes hair loss, dandruff, and other scalp conditions. As the picture above shows a prolonged period of time with dreadlocks can cause severe hair loss all over the scalp. We strongly recommend thinking twice before going with dreadlocks!

4. Buns.

buns cause hair loss

It should come as no surprise that a bun can cause hair loss. The old-fashioned nickname for Traction Alopecia is ‘Ballerina Baldness’. The name comes from the hair loss caused by a traditional ballerina’s bun. When professional ballerinas wore buns day in and day out, they inevitably became bald very quickly! It isn’t just ballerinas that suffered from hair loss from this hair style. Professional footballer Gareth Bale, who was very much the poster boy for the ‘man-bun’ hair style, has recently been looking for a hair transplant after recieving abuse on Twitter.

5. Weaves.

weaves cause hair loss

Although a weave may boost your self-confidence and cushion your dipping self-esteem temporarily, it certainly has a drawback. Weaves can cause traction alopecia and bald spots associated with glue extensions. Usually when artificial hair is integrated, it is done either by weaving, gluing or clipping (strand by strand) and this is known to damage your scalp.

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