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Hair Loss Tablets: What are they and how do they help?


If you are wary of surgical treatments for hair loss, or simply want a non-invasive way of retaining and maybe even growing your hair, then hair loss tablets could be the solution for you. Non-surgical treatments aim to retain and improve the visual appearance of existing hair, and reduce any future hair loss. These treatments are usually best suited to those in the earlier stages of hair loss, as the follicle needs to be present and live for the treatment to work. If the follicle is already dead, the only way to achieve a thicker look is transplantation.


Hair loss tablets work by blocking the hormone DHT which causes hair loss. The tablets contain ingredients that block the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT, to prevent any future hair loss. The sooner you embark on a course of non-surgical treatments for hair loss, the quicker your hair loss will stop.


Like with any hair loss treatment, it is important to first carry out a suitability test to see if the tablets will be the best solution. Many purchase tablets from the internet without first ensuring that they are suitable patients, and unfortunately do not experience positive results. If you are not suitable for the tablets, there are other treatments available with us here, so it’s vital to get a consultation with a professional who can advise you about the treatments. Hair loss tablets work best when treating male pattern baldness, affecting the top of the head and the middle-front of the head. There is not enough evidence to support the treatment of receding hairlines at the temples, thus it would be best to look at other solutions if this is the case. The tablets showed very impressive results in dermatologist tests, with 99% of patients showing a halt in hair loss and 67% having new hair and increase in coverage over 2 years. In a 5 year study, 100% of patients retained their existing hair and 67% grew new hair, with 100% of a placebo group experiencing hair loss. The hair loss tablets are extremely effective and could be the perfect non-surgical solutions for you.


As with any tablets, there are a few uncommon side effects that may occur. Clinical studies showed that side effects did not affect most patients, but the severity of such effects vary from person to person. When choosing hair loss tablets it is important to weigh up the effects and benefits beforehand. Uncommon side effects include lower libido, erectile dysfunction and depletion in semen quantity.


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