Things to look for in a good hair transplant clinic

Things to look for in a good hair transplant clinic

Good hair transplant clinic

Things to look for in a good hair transplant clinic

If you’ve decided to have a hair transplant, then choosing a good hair transplant clinic is essential to get the results you want. When a hair transplant is done right, it will leave you feeling more confident, giving you the full head of hair that you’ve always wanted. To get these results, you have to be vigilant when picking your clinic – here is a few different things to look out for when choosing a good hair transplant clinic.

1. Is there a consultation?

Hair loss can occur due to a huge variety of different reasons, and consultations help to pinpoint the cause of your hair loss and thus give the best solution for you. Make sure your clinic offers a no obligation consultation so that you have as much information about your hair loss as possible, before going ahead with a transplant.

2. Do they have experience?

When choosing a good hair transplant clinic, it is vital that you find out as much information about the surgeons as possible. Ask to see previous client reviews, portfolios of results, and proof of qualifications before jumping in. Before and after photos of other clients are particularly helpful, as you can decide if the results shown are what you’re looking for or not. Experience really is everything when getting the best hair transplant for you.

3. Do they offer your treatment?

Some hair transplant clinics only offer certain treatments. Some will offer FUE transplants, others will only offer FUT, etc. It’s important to do some research into what treatments the clinic offers, and ensure that it offers the treatment that will work for you. Good hair transplant clinics usually offer a range of different treatments to suit many different types of hair loss.

4. Do they specialise?

Many good hair transplant clinics will specialise in certain treatments or technologies, which will highlight their strengths. If the treatment that you want is the one that they specialise in, then great – if not, then just make sure you do enough research into their other treatments, to make sure they’re still at a good standard.

5. Are they clear about the possible risks?

With any type of surgery, there’s a certain amount of risk involved, and with hair transplants, it’s a very low amount – but a good hair transplant clinic will be sure to inform you in detail about the risks and possible implications so that you can make an informed decision.

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