Future hair transplants

Could a robot be performing your Future hair transplants?

Hair transplants have been changing the lives of men and women for decades. There have been a few changes to the procedures here and there, as new developments in technology became common knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment became more readily available. Now, most hair transplants are carried out using the FUE or FUT methods, which give great results with little to no aftercare or evidence. Despite how successful and innovative hair transplants already are, future hair transplants are about to be even more so – with the introduction of robots.

Now, when you hear the word robot, you’re probably thinking of a humanoid creation that’ll have hands, which can replace a human surgeon completely. This isn’t quite right. The robots that will be used to carry out future hair transplant procedures are big, complex machines that are able to harvest hair from the back of the head and make the incisions on the balding area, in which follicles will be implanted. It’s said that these ARTAS machines are much safer and more efficient than a human surgeon, meaning that future hair transplants could be quicker and easier.

Future hair transplants will begin with an ARTAS consultation, which uses ARTAS Hair Studio technology to create a 3D model of your desired result. Your consultant will be able to show you a 3D, high definition final result, which will show the number of grafts needed and the hairline design that will be best to meet your expectations.

After your consultation, during your transplant, the ARTAS machine will identify the optimal hairs to use for transplantation. These hairs are then harvested with extreme precision. The machine is more accurate and quicker than any other manual method of extraction, and so this process takes very little time. The robot then receives your personalised 3D design and implants the hairs where needed.

Where aftercare is concerned, there is little difference between a transplant performed by a surgeon and a transplant performed by a robot. At the moment, if you’re considering a future hair transplant soon, you can make your own choice between the two methods. In the far future, however, these robots may become the standard procedure, and surgeon-performed transplants may be a thing of the past. With improved accuracy, speed and consistency, it isn’t a stretch to say that ARTAS machines will be the new normal for hair transplants.

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