Fighting all the hair transplant taboo

New hair growth products and advancements in surgical technology have resulted in getting a new head of hair becoming more ‘normal’ than ever. When you are suffering from hair loss, it often affects your personality as well as your physical appearance. Hair loss can lead to reduced confidence and self-esteem in both women and men, which in turn has an effect on one’s ability to flourish in relationships and jobs. Around 40% of the population suffer from hair loss, so if it is such a common occurrence then why is there a taboo associated with it?

What are the taboos associated with getting a hair transplant?

To start with, getting a hair transplant may suggest that you are embarrassed about the fact that you are going bald. There are often negative connotations associated with the words ‘balding’, yet there are so many factors that lead to people experiencing hair loss. Contrary to what people might think, it is not just men who experience hair loss. Women are also affected. To name just one example, stress immediately after pregnancy can cause hair loss. The sudden change in estrogen levels after a woman gives birth means that large amounts of hair can fall out at once.

Another taboo linked with hair transplants, particularly amongst men, is that it is a vanity procedure. Vanity procedures are largely linked to women, with more and more females turning to surgical procedures when it comes to their physical appearance. Yet, getting a hair transplant is not just for vanity reasons, but for self-esteem issues and improvement of the quality of life. Furthermore, it is perfectly understandable for men to want to improve their appearance.

Celebrities such as Wayne Rooney, and more recently Joe swash, have undergone hair transplant procedures. Joe Swash has been open and honest about his hair transplant procedure carried out by UK Hair Transplant Clinics, which has in turn allowed for it to become more normalised. The increased media attention has meant that is a lot more common for men to outwardly look after their appearance, and the taboo has been chipped away at so much that it barely exists anymore.

Hair transplant progression

Over the years, due to hair transplants becoming more accessible and common within the UK, the myths and taboo linked with hair transplants have been broken down and in today’s day and age, it has become perfectly normal to want to seek remedies for hair loss. It has also become a lot less complicated. If surgery is not for you, then there are other options available for you. It isn’t as scary or daunting as it may seem! Contact us if you feel as though getting a hair transplant is the next step for you, or simply if you want further information.

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