Myths about hair loss

Common myths about hair loss debunked

When dealing with hair loss, it can be easy for your mind to go into overdrive, and for you to question everything you have done to your hair in the last few months. Try not to worry – most of what you think may have contributed, actually won’t have done anything at all. There are many different myths about hair loss that will come about, and it’s important to note these down to give yourself some peace of mind.

1. Shampooing your hair too much causes hair loss

This is a myth. If you’re asking because you notice hairs coming out in the shower after shampooing, then don’t worry. The hairs you’re seeing are likely already detached from your scalp, and are simply loosened from the rest of your hair mass when you rinse with shampoo and water. So, shampoo away! After all, everybody wants squeaky clean hair!

2. Dying your hair causes hair loss

Again, untrue – hair dyes don’t cause hair loss. Overdying your hair can make it brittle and generally unhealthy, but it does not affect the health of the hair follicle. Your hair may appear dull and lose vitality, but it won’t be falling out – at least, not because of the dye.

3. Perms and hairsprays cause hair loss

Some other myths about hair loss – perms and hairsprays can actually be used as a way to disguise hair loss, so it would be pretty counterintuitive if they caused the hair loss in the first place. Perming your hair can make it appear thicker and healthier, and coloured hair sprays can disguise bald spots and make your roots look less thin. Thankfully, neither of these treatments will make you lose any hair.

4. If I use protein-containing hair products, my hair will grow

Unfortunately, if it was this easy, we would all have a full head of luscious, thick hair down to our ankles. Sadly, not the case. All protein containing treatments do is temporarily fill in surface defects on the hair shaft, like breakages, to make it smoother and thicken the shaft. They do not encourage hair growth, nor do they stop hair loss.

5. Wearing a hat can cause hair loss

Hat wearers, rejoice – your trendy habits aren’t harming your hair. Many think that wearing a hat puts pressure on the hair follicles, much like over brushing – but it’s not the same. The only way wearing a hat could contribute to hair loss is if they’re dirty, causing a scalp infection. So, as long as your hats are cleaned regularly, you’re in the clear.

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