Reasons to be careful when choosing a hair transplant clinic

Reasons to be careful when choosing a hair transplant clinic

choosing a hair transplant clinic

Reasons to be careful when choosing a hair transplant clinic.

Hair transplants are great procedures that can transform both the look of your hair and your self-esteem. Most transplants are hugely successful, with celebrities praising their effects. But what happens when the transplant doesn’t work? Choosing a good hair transplant clinic is vital when having a procedure done. Luckily you don’t need to look any further because you’ve found the UK number one Hair transplant clinic.

1. Grafts are incorrectly placed.

Hair grafts are very delicate and placing them can be very difficult. It takes a very long time to acquire the skills and experience needed to place hair grafts correctly. You must choose a clinic that has expert surgeons that have the right skills. For a great hair transplant experience you need the best surgeons.

2. Incorrect donor grafts.

Donor grafts are always best taken from the head. These give a more natural appearance and limit the risk of the transplant failing. Some surgeons will take donor grafts from other parts of your body or, in some cases, from another person – this is a reason that your transplant may fail.

3. Are you a suitable candidate?

Other factors that can affect the outcome of your hair transplant are to do with you as the client. Some people are not suitable for hair transplants for a range of factors. Firstly, if you have a lot hair loss in one area itis not suitable for a transplant. This is because there wouldn’t be enough donor follicles to cover the whole area. Many do not know that hair will no longer grow from the area that the donor follicles are removed from.This means there are only so many areas that a surgeon can take from before the existing hair begins to look thin.

If a client has alopecia, hair transplants are not an effective treatment. This because transplanted hair can be affected by hair loss in the future. Also, if your hair loss is the result of any medical treatments, like chemotherapy, hair loss will not be effective. Lastly, if you have thinning hair but it is still reasonably dense, hair transplants may not work for you. This is because there needs to be enough space to insert the new follicles, and inserting them into a denser area may cause an existing follicle to be pushed out. This goes against why you have your procedure and you may end up losing even more hair.

Here to help.

Here at UK hair transplant clinics understand that some of the above points can be scary. We can assure you that we only use the best resources. If you’d like to learn more you can find out more about hair transplant surgery here. You can get in touch with us and our friendly staff can help you understand via our contact page.

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