Can you Style Transplanted Hair?

Many people that have had hair transplants wonder if they can ever style their hair like they did back when they were 18 so it’s looking full of bounce and volume. The healing process for a hair transplant lasts for about 12 months so it is very important that the utmost care and precaution is taken with what you use on your transplanted hair in the first year.

Month 1)

For the first few weeks after the surgery, ensure you take all the medication prescribed by the doctor and when this batch of medication ends, consult the doctor about getting a haircut (if you even want one).

Month 2)

In the second month you can generally resume your normal haircut regime, whether that be every 2 weeks or every month, it shouldn’t affect the healing process of the surgery you went through.

Month 3)

This is the point where it would be considered safe to start using the styling products that you’ve had sitting in the bathroom cupboard for the last few years whilst you were saving your hard-earned cash for your hair transplant. However, do so with caution because everyone’s hair is different and the chemicals inside the products could react badly with your hair!

The first 3 months after a hair transplant are crucial to the whole healing process of your hair transplant. Ensure that you keep hair dryers on low heat as this can be harmful. Always ensure that you take care of your hair by washing any bad chemicals out of it thoroughly, for example, if you have been in a pool make sure that the chlorine has been washed out or it could react badly with the hair follicles!

After the 3 month point, you should be completely fine to start styling your hair as normal so you can return to what you once looked like! Ensure that you always wash the product out afterwards however so you don’t damage your transplanted hair! After a year your transplanted hair should have fully grown out and it will be like you never lost your hair in the first place!

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