Calum Best on his third hair transplant and says he wont rule out a fourth!

Callum Best on his third hair transplant

Calum Best has recently told Daily Mail in an exclusive interview that he has spent £6000 on his hair transplants which have been “life-changing” and has also stated he will not rule out a fourth.

The 33-year-old celebrity said he feels he lost his hair which started in his early 20’s due to bleach and wearing ponytails. After two hair transplants, he continued to lose his hair but after a third in just two years and a total of £6000 spent he now has the results he wanted.

Calum admitted that after continuing to lose his hair after two transplants it began to eat away at his confidence until he could see no other way but to fork out for his third. He also said that he would have completely lost the hair at the front of his scalp by now if it wasn’t for surgical help, Calum said: ‘There is no doubt this has changed my life. I have been losing my hair since my early 20’s. Nature’s plan was for me to have thin and patchy hair across the top of my scalp. But the great thing is, we don’t have to follow nature’s plan. Hair transplant technology has improved so much in the last five years and I have been able to keep hold of all my hair and wear it in the same way as I did when I was in my teens. I was keen to get it done before going on Celebrity Big Brother so my hair would look great on the show.’

Calum went to Dr Shahmalak at Crown Clinic in Manchester and is a hair loss expert on the popular Channel 4 TV show Embarrassing Bodies. Dr Shahmalak has also performed two transplants on the presenter Christian Jessen and told Calum he could have slowed down his hair loss process with the treatment drug Propecia but due to the drug having side effects that can reduce your sex drive Calum didn’t want to take the risk.

Although he’s spent a lot of money he said it’s done wonders for his self-esteem and it’s made him look 5 years younger. Calum told the Daily Mail “No man wants to be bald when he is older.
‘Losing your hair is one of the most demoralising things that can happen to a man as he ages. You don’t feel nearly as good about yourself and it eats away at your body confidence.
‘For me, I was worrying about my thinning hair when I was attending auditions. I would be thinking, “Have they seen my hair? Are they going to give me the job?”
‘It was becoming a big distraction.
‘I’ve read research saying that baldness can make men look 10 years older. I would say keeping hold of my hair has made me look at least five years younger. The difference in my self-esteem is immeasurable.’

Calum had 1,200 grafts which amount to around 2,200 individual hairs – moved to the front of his scalp where the hair was thinning and still receding, especially around his temples.

Calum said he would have a fourth hair transplant if necessary and commented on the fact lots of celebrities have had the same procedure if not more such as James Nesbit who’s had three and Wayne Rooney who has had two.

Dr Shahmalak said “What we’ve noticed in the last five years is that the age of our patients is coming down all the time. A third of men suffer hair loss by the time they are 30.
‘More of them are deciding to have transplants immediately rather than waiting until middle age. Why suffer 20 years of loss of confidence if you can sort out your problem now?
‘For people in the public eye, their image is their career. You don’t see a lot of bald models or TV presenters.
‘A simple procedure such as a hair transplant can make an enormous difference to a man’s life.
‘We have seen a lot of men “doing a Rooney” and coming in for one, two or even three hair transplants like Calum.

Calum finally closed his personal interview with the Daily Mail by saying “These procedures have completely changed my life. They have given me so much more confidence and enabled me to wear my hair just the way I like.’

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You can view photos of Calum Best’s fabulous hair transplant in the Daily Mail as well as a full video of Calum on his hair transplant procedure.

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