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Everything you need to know about Brow transplants in the UK

You may have only considered hair transplants as a solution for the lack of hair on your head – however, brow transplants are becoming more and more popular as bushier brows take over the thin, sparse eyebrow trend of the 90s. Eyebrow transplants in the UK can give you the thick and full eyebrows that you want – what’s more, they’ll be permanent and consist of your real hair. Unlike tattoos or microblading, brow transplants will give you real brows, instead of just the appearance of them. Prices start at around £3000.

Initially, brow transplants in the UK were introduced to help those that lost hair due to illness – but, as word spread, women with naturally thin or overplucked brows began turning to eyebrow transplants as a solution. Brow transplants involve taking hair from an area of your head, usually at the bottom of the scalp or behind the ear, and discreetly implanting this hair into your brow. Your brows will take on your chosen shape and be thick and full. Eyebrow transplants in the UK involve minimally invasive treatment and do not result in any scarring, meaning there are no telltale signs that a procedure has even taken place once the hairs have fully regrown. All procedures are done under local anaesthetics and patients do not experience any pain during.

Don’t be expecting instantly picture-perfect brows – following your eyebrow transplant, your eyebrows will scab over and the area may be swollen and tender. It’s recommended that you bring along any hats or headscarves that you may be able to use to cover your brows after the treatment. These scabs will begin to fall off after about a week – some hairs may fall off too, but this is not a cause for concern, as the root will still be securely embedded. After around six to eight months, all hairs will have grown back to give patients a thick, fashionable brow look that is not only permanent but looks completely natural.

It is important that patients do not engage in any vigorous activity following the brow transplant, and that only specially prescribed shampoo is used on the scalp. It is also recommended that, after the procedure, patients sleep on two or more pillows, and apply ice to the brow area to reduce swelling. Eyebrow transplants in the UK give women confidence and give them the brows they’ve always wanted. The result is thick, glossy brows that will rival today’s supermodels.

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