Bad Habits That Can Accelerate Hair Loss Every Day

Some simple everyday bad habits that can accelerate hair loss

Most people have the luxury of not worrying about losing their hair. But for those who are affected by hair loss, the worry is endless and the search for solutions is constant. But what if there’s a simple solution that doesn’t involve buying new products? And instead, involves changing one or more daily habits? Read on to discover how you can reduce hair loss, and also debunk some hair loss myths.


Shampoo: friend or foe?

Shampooing is a little like Goldilocks and porridge. Too little is just as bad as too often, everyone needs to find the perfect medium for their individual hair. When you don’t shampoo frequently enough, this reduces the health of the scalp which can ultimately reduce the rate of hair growth.

Most people should shampoo their hair at least every other day. Not doing so can cause the build-up of oil and pollutants resulting in inflammation and dandruff. It is this build-up that disturbs hair growth, ultimately leading to hair loss. However, for those with dry or brittle hair types, damage can be done by shampooing too often.

Dry and brittle hair types suffer from breakage more easily which causes hair loss. If you have dry hair then you should aim to shampoo less often and use moisturising shampoo and conditioner when you do wash your hair.


Brushing wet hair

Another hair-washing faux pas could be the habit causing your hair loss: brushing your hair when it’s wet.

When hair is wet it’s more delicate than when dry. So if you brush it when in this state it causes more breakage which results in hair loss. Hair specialists suggest waiting until your hair is dry before brushing it. However, when this isn’t possible you should use a comb instead of a normal brush to detangle the hair as this reduces breakage. Also, starting from the bottom and working your way up when detangling massively helps to reduce breakage and hair loss, compared to tugging through from the top.

If you are able to wait for your hair to be dry before brushing it then that’s great. But you should consider the effect heated products like a hairdryer have on hair loss.



Use of heated products

Heat, such as that from using heated products like a hair dryer and straighteners. Chemicals, such as that from hair dye can wreak havoc on your hair and could likely be the culprit of your hair loss problems. High heat causes increased breakage of hair which increases the likelihood of hair loss from the hair simply falling out. One way to decrease the use of heated products is to dry your hair using the cold setting on the hairdryer, rather than the hot setting. If you want to improve your hair loss situation, you should consider limiting the use of chemicals on your hair. Use heated products for special occasions only. Switching to less harmful styles for the majority of the time. However, you need to be cautious of using some hairstyles too often as this itself can cause hair loss.


Tight hairstyles can cause hair loss

 If you often find yourself pulling your hair into a tight ponytail or bun then fixing this simple habit could solve your hair loss issues. Tight braids and extensions also give the same result as hair follicles are damaged over time due to these particular hairstyles. If they are worn too often they can and will cause permanent hair loss. Change this habit by switching up your hairstyle from time to time. Wear high ponytails as well as low ponytails, and give your hair a rest from wearing extensions.

If you’ve reviewed and improved all of these hair loss habits in your personal life and you are still suffering from hair loss then it is likely that there is another underlying issue causing the problem. So if it isn’t your habits causing your hair loss, visit a doctor and discuss what else might be the cause.


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