APG Benefits (Advanced Protein Growth)

Discussing APG benefits and why we use them!

When experiencing hair loss, there are many different solutions to consider, which can become quite overwhelming when trying to make a choice. APG stands for advanced protein growth, which involves a hair growth supplement, best applied to hair following an FUE hair transplant. It has many different benefits, speeding up hair regrowth following a transplant and improving the appearance and thickness of the hair.

Some benefits include the following:

Faster growth

One of the most tempting APG benefits is the faster regrowth. After a transplant, your hair can take up to 18 months to grow back completely, which can be torture for the impatient! With AFR, a hair growth supplement, patients can achieve full regrowth in 6 months – cutting regrowth time by two-thirds!

Less shock loss

Shock loss is the loss of natural hair following a hair transplant – it is temporary and can result in the hair looking slightly thinner immediately following a transplant. One of the APG benefits is that it reduces the likelihood of this occurring.

Thicker hair

When your transplanted hair grows back after your FUE or FUT transplant, it will be thick and full – to improve these results even further, use APG treatments like AFR. Using the supplement regularly can improve the thickness of transplanted hair by up to 98%, and allow you to really reap the APG benefits.

Improves existing hair

Using AFR doesn’t only improve the appearance of your transplanted hair – your existing natural hair can benefit too. It can significantly slow hair loss from your existing strands, and improve the overall thickness. So while you wait for your transplanted hair to grow, your existing hair can improve its appearance in the meantime.

Using AFR

AFR is an easy way to experience APG benefits – it comes in the form of whey protein, which can be added to water or milk and enjoyed following a workout or at the end of a long day. Not only will it improve the growth of your hair, but it will also protect your muscles. To promote hair growth, make sure you get enough nutrients in your diet – a low nutrient content in your diet can leave your transplanted hair struggling to grow quickly. You should also remove any unhealthy additives from your shampoos and conditioners, as only mild products promote growth by creating a neutral pH environment on your scalp. There are plenty of hair loss shampoos and conditioners on the market, which is suitable for use following an FUE or FUT transplant.

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