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    When follicles are dying due to the body’s natural DHT attacking follicles, your hair starts to miniaturise. Depending on the severity, this could mean you have thousands of hairs that can only be seen under a microscope and in these instances it is not possible to transplant as there is no space. As a result transplanting into this area we could cause more damage creating more loss, this is where non-surgical solutions are the perfect fit.

    Patients must be mindful that whilst non surgical hair loss treatments can be excellent solutions in the early stages of hair loss they will only potentially work if there is still a live follicle. If the follicle is dead then visual thickening can only be achieved via a hair transplant.

    Non surgical hair loss treatments are utilised in 2 ways:

    1) To retain and improve the aesthetic visual appearance of existing hair – creating thicker, fuller hairs.
    2) To reduce or eliminate further hair loss by retaining existing hair.

    The number of non clinical products available is growing every day yet their lack of efficacy is useless in a clinical environment. Patients would be strongly advised against spending time and money on well marketed treatments that are for the most part purely cosmetic.

    The products we have available are all solutions we have tried and tested over the years and give the best results. We have stopped selling products in the past based on lack of results. We currently have tablets, protein shakes, vitamins, shampoos and trichology kits. 

    Hair Loss Tablets:

    The tablets work by blocking the DHT that is attacking the follicles and causing hair loss. They not only significantly reduce the rate at which you lose hair but you also help thicken your hair to create a thicker and fuller look.

    67% of suitable patients can achieve visually thicker hair by taking hair loss tablets. 80% of patients hair loss will significantly slow down. All from less than £1 a day.

    Clinical studies over the last 10 years have scientifically proven this – the secret is to establish the SUITABILITY of Patients. We see lots of Patients who have purchased Hair Loss Tablets directly from the internet and who have had no suitability test performed. This has resulted in no growth because medication was inappropriate. We are so confident in this world leading medication that we are happy to offer you our unique refund guarantee with these tablets. We promise that if after 12 months, your hair is not visibly thicker then we will offer you a refund credit against any future hair transplant or other hair loss solutions.

    Protein Shakes:

    Follifuel’’s Follicular Strength Accelerator is a unique nutritional support system with all natural ingredients which is safe and effective for men and women who need help with lifeless, thinning hair. Follifuel provides the structural nutrition & proteins that you need to increase the length of your Anagen phase to make your hair stronger, longer & healthier with less breakage.

    Follifuel’’s FSA system will also support your training & weight loss goals and is guaranteed to have no side effects. Loaded with Biotin, Zinc & hair specific amino acids but low in carbohydrates and calories Follifuel gives people who are concerned with their appearance & who recognize the benefits of diet & exercise the essential nutrients & metabolic accelerators to achieve their aesthetic goals & keep a full head of strong & healthy hair.


    Our vitamins activate the hair production process and provide the building blocks so that your hair is as robust as it can possibly be. It is a safe and effective solution with a natural vitamin complex formulated with all of the essential vitamins and nutrients for healthy hair.

    Your daily vitamins have never been so easy. They are packaged into daily pouches and cover all of your health needs from lack of energy in the morning to hair health and thickening.


    We don’t have our own brand of shampoo but we partner with a great globally recognised company which has great products. The shampoo helps to combat male hair loss and thinning. These sulphate free formulas are dermatologically designed for healthy, safe and effective hair and scalp cleansing. These products work by inhibiting DHT and energising your hair and scalp to increase growth by up to 46%. Shampoos aren’t recommended as a stand alone treatment but work alongside other products.

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    What Are The Benefits Of The Non-Surgical Solutions

    No, you only have to take them until you hit later life. As you get older your body produces less DHT so you won’t need to take them forever. The tablets are a great product because those who are just starting to thin may never need a hair transplant, we can catch it early and slow down future loss and thicken the thinning hairs.

    The tablets are every other day, we have to have a break in between days to highly reduce chances of side effects. The shakes are daily and you just mix 1 scoop with milk or water. Vitamins are 3 vitamins 3 times a day.

    It is beneficial to take more than one product. A combination of the tablets and the shakes work great together as both increase hair thickness.

    The tablets start to work on preventing hair loss straight away. It takes around 12 months for it to have any visually noticeable thickening as it alters the hair growth phases and this can take a while.


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