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Hair Transplant Costs - Affordable Surgery At A Great Price - From £42 Per Month!

The Hair Transplant cost ranges from £2500 per treatment. We offer world class hair transplants at accessible prices!


One of the biggest barriers that people have to overcome when it comes to hair transplants is the actual cost of the procedure. For many years hair transplant costs have been seen as something that the man on the street cannot afford. However, at UK Hair Transplant Clinics we are pleased to offer affordable hair transplants.

We have worked hard to reduce the cost of hair transplants and today they are more affordable than ever. If you have previously been put off addressing your hair loss issues due to cost issues you can be assured that we have a solution to help anyone afford a hair transplant.

The Cost Of Your Great Hair Transplant.

Frontal Thinning.

Prices from £3500 (from £100 per month.)

Bringing the hairline forward.

Prices from £3500 (from £100 per month.)

Crown Thinning.

Prices from £3000 (from £100 per month.)

General Thinning.

Prices from £4700 (from £100 per month.)

Because of the cost of this procedure, some patients choose to have the procedure undertaken in stages, i.e. have the front treated first and then come back at a later date for the remainder.

Advanced Hair Loss.

Prices from £5000 (from £100 per month.)

Because of the cost of this procedure, some patients choose to have the procedure undertaken in stages, i.e. have the front treated first and then come back at a later date for the remainder.

Eyebrow Transplants.

Prices from £2500

Beard Transplants.

Prices from £4000

Hair Transplant Cost Factors.

Hair Transplant Costs depend on two factors. The first factor is the number of follicles you need implanting to achieve a great result. To calculate how many follicles are needed we need to look at the size of the proposed transplant area and the required implant density – i.e. how many Follicles we need to implant to achieve good hair density.

A 1 hair. 2 hair and 3 hair follicle - cost of hair transplants

A 1 hair. 2 hair and 3 hair follicle.

The second factor depends on the type of hair transplant, either FUT or FUE.

The results will transform your image and confidence and will last for a life time. This  makes the cost of hair transplants an excellent investment for with hair loss and baldness. Not only does it change the way you look, it also changes the way you feel which you cannot put a price on.

You may be tempted to go with cheaper, overseas options. However, these are a false economy. You will end up paying less, but the quality of surgery you will receive will be far lower. We have heard horror stories from patients that have had work carried out in countries such as India and Turkey that have had botched operations that they are not satisfied with.

In many cases UK based surgeons will not retreat patients that have had work carried out overseas as the situation is often irreparable. It’s far better to pay the extra for a UK surgeon and have the piece of mind that you are going to get a great result. Don’t forget the old adage – ‘Buy Cheap, Buy Twice.’

Free Hair Loss Consultations.

Before you panic about hair transplant costs, it’s best to take advantage of our free hair loss consultation. At this consultation we will evaluate the level of your hair loss and suggest the best course of action for you. Sometimes it will be better for a patient to address their hair loss problems with supplements and medication rather than proceed right away with a hair transplant.

By offering a free consultation we can potentially save you hundreds of pounds before the first step is taken to addressing your hair loss issues. Other clinics will charge you hundreds of pounds for these consultations and may prescribe expensive treatments that you just do not need.

With our Hair Loss Clinics taking place across the UK we are sure that you will be able to find a hair loss clinic location to suit you. If you are contemplating a hair transplant then we strongly recommend that you visit us as soon as possible.


Affordable Hair Transplant Cost with Finance.

If you are conscious about spending a large amount of money to cover the hair transplant cost then it is possible to spread the cost of your hair transplant with a Finance Agreement.

With a Finance Agreement you will be able to pay a deposit for your treatment and then pay the remainder of the balance over a number of months. This means that Hair Loss becomes much more affordable and that the cost of hair transplants becomes much less of a worry for you!


Click Here To Find Out More About Hair Transplant Finance.



Money Back Guarantee.

Money Back Guarantee on the cost of hair transplants in the uk
When you choose UK Hair you can be assured that in the unlikely event that we are unable to achieve the target treatment plan and corresponding realistic result we will welcome you back and re-treat you at no extra cost to you. This happens rarely but in the event that we cannot retreat for medical reasons you will receive an appropriate refund.

We hope that this gives you peace of mind that your investment in a hair transplant will be money well spent.

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