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Yes, it’s possible for the vast majority of people, as long as you have the right treatment plan for your individual circumstances

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First of all let us introduce our elves, the UK Hair Loss and Hair Transplant Clinic is one of the world’s leading clinics that specialises solely in hair loss solutions. We have been featured in BBC documentaries and are proud to be listed as the highest ranked clinic by Google Reviews – 4.9 / 5.00, and on Trust Pilot independent review site 9.3/ 10.

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Which is the best hair loss solution for me?

No wonder people are confused about hair loss solutions, we last counted that there were over 200 options available ranging from specialist shampoos, vitamin tablets, hair loss lotions, laser therapy, prescribed medicines and surgical hair transplants.

All of these promise the world, but nearly all of them have no clinical science or clinical studies to backup their claims. The options offered can be simply grouped into retail products or clinical strength medical treatments.

Yes, a few retail treatments may have a mild effect at the very early stages of hair loss, for over 97% of Patients they are not going to achieve the required outcome

Short video explaining the differences

Live Celebrity Hair Transplant- Joe Swash

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Joe Swash’s hair transplant is probably one of the greatest changes we have ever seen among celebrities. This is mainly because some celebrities are ready to undergo this operation after just a few hairs have fallen and the final result is not visible because the number of hairs transplanted is too low. But this was not the case with Joe Swash. He had a lot of his hair missing before he decided that he needed to get a hair transplant. And that is where this huge change took place. He says that even some of his friends and relatives weren’t able to know him after the operation. His hair is extremely thick now and despite the fact that he is still very young, he started looking even younger, his follow up procedure earlier this year at UK Hair Transplant Clinics was a great success.

The story around Joe Swash’s hair transplant is yet another proof of the fact that hair restoration is becoming more and more important nowadays. Not only is it more important but it is also becoming more efficient and successful, especially with techniques such as scalp micropigmentation becoming so well known. This is probably going to lead to more people undergoing it and, hopefully, in the close future hair loss and baldness will become less and less of a problem

Medication Before and after

For around 20% of patients, by simply taking a prescribed tablet daily can thicken thinning hair and stop future loss.

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Hair Transplant Before and after

No scar, pain free hair transplants that last forever

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Hair Loss Solutions

Diagnostic Investigation of the Scalp

Free Local Hair Loss Assessment?

The only way you can possibly achieve the results you want or the best results possible is by attending a free local hair loss assessment. At this appointment a member of our clinical team will perform a series of diagnostic tests that will allow us establish what is possible.

Due to the traumatic and emotive nature of hair loss it really is important that a trusted confidential environment in which you may discuss your concerns is assured. At UK Hair you wont be sold to, a consultation is a consultative experience for a reason. There will be no pressure applied from pushy commission based sales people, you simply come along for a no obligation chat.

All consultations are held with members of our surgical team, who have been surgeon trained and accredited to assess your current circumstance and propose the best solution for you alone. In addition all of our specialists have undergone successful hair loss treatments so understand how important and life defining your current situation is to you.

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