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Written Guarantee with your Hair Transplant Treatment

Have the piece of mind and Reassurance of knowing You have a written guarantee with your hair Transplant treatment

Free Re-treat or Your Money Back

It’s easy to make bold statements of success, less so to substantiate such claims in a rapidly expanding and highly publicised marketplace. UK Hair tackle real problems with appropriate solutions every day and as such have never been afraid of backing up their claims of assured satisfaction and guaranteed results. UK Hair only accept Patients that they know they can help and create expectations that they know they can fulfill and as such can afford to offer a unique treatment guarantee. We are so confident in our ability to resolve your hair loss concerns that we formally commit to satisfy every Patient which is why we give a written guarantee with any hair transplant treatment.

When you choose UK Hair transplant clinics you can be re-assured that in the unlikely event that we are unable to achieve the target hair transplant treatment plan and corresponding realistic result we will welcome you back and retreat you at no extra cost. This happens rarely but in the event that we cannot retreat for medical reasons you will receive an appropriate refund.

Some of the lowest Re-treat rates in the World

Whilst UK Hair transplant clinics stand by their no quibbles guarantee we don’t take pleasure in retreating Patients which can for many be an added inconvenience. We do our utmost to avoid the necessity for retreat and as such turn 2 in 10 Patients away. Through years of experience we can spot a potential issue at consultation and in those unfortunate cases we are likely to turn that Patient away. Here’s a short guide to the common reasons Common reasons for poor growth.

Common Reasons for Poor Growth

1) Donor Density and Follicle Quality

It’s rare that we can’t extract the number of follicles that we quote for and because we have to provide a guarantee, we are very selective of the Patients we treat. Donor density is one of the key criteria that we assess and quantify during the consultation diagnostics. Our consultant clinicians are trained to undertake detailed microscopic examinations of your donor area to ensure that not only are the follicles abundant but that they are of premium quality and have a high to certain likelihood of growth following implantation. One in seven Patients will not proceed due to poor donor density. If you are one of these Patients we will talk to you about the other options available to supplement poor donor and enhance your result arriving at a combinative hair transplant treatment plan in 50% of poor donor cases.

2) Quality of Surgery

All of our processes from the moment you place your first enquiry to the final review are constantly monitored, reviewed, updated and independently audited. Our clinical processes come under greater scrutiny than any other to ensure that the Patient journey is wholly ethical, comfortable and of the highest surgical and ancillary standards. Every aspect of the clinical process is monitored and recalibrated against recognised quality standards on at least a monthly basis.

As robust as it may be, the donor area is sadly finite and as such avoidance of transection and optimisation of follicular survival is absolutely vital to the eventual outcome of your procedure. Every single case is different and some prove more testing than others. By being conservative in our estimate of potential graft yield we not only ensure that you achieve those magic numbers but frequently are able to deliver a graft count that is above the Patient’s expectations. At UK Hair we understand the importance of technology and innovation but disagree with the use of preprogrammed machines for extraction, we invest the money that other organisations spend on the latest robotics to employ and train the most highly skilled technical teams each of whom has a combined service of over 80 years and have worked on over 2000 cases each one of them different. Because our skill set is so diverse and because we are consistent in our approach every member of our team handles each case with maximum dexterity, tackling any Patient case with only positive adaptation of an already robust technique.

The experience and relationships that exist within the UK Hair Surgical team are second to none and are renowned within the industry for the way in which every Patient is made to feel immediately at ease in a foreign and potentially intimidating clinical environment. The team that serve UK Hair Patients today are the very same people that attracted, won and welcomed the BBC in our celebrated documentary. That’s the same team that look after all of our high profile Clients with maximum discretion and who are responsible for the outstanding results that you see on television and in magazines across the UK today.

3) Quality Aftercare

Whilst we understand that many Patients like to keep these things private and are happy to operate within the discretional boundaries that each individual sets, one of the areas in which we insist on being obtrusive is our aftercare. Not only will pour doors be open to you for life after Surgery as a Patient of UK Hair but we will insist on pro-actively engaging with you in the crucial days and weeks directly after the hair transplant treatment and to validate your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee we insist that you accommodate our approach.

Whilst we are confident in our performance of world class surgery we cannot impress the importance of the post-operative Patient’s role in the final result. Follicles will only take and grow in an environment that is conducive to cell division and replication, they must be treated with the utmost care and respect within the first 14 days with life returning to normal soon after. Our aftercare team have years of experience in guiding the Patient through the days and weeks following Surgery and along with he detailed advice and personal engagement provided as standard are on hand to assist you with anything that you may need 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The growth of UK Hair has been driven by its success, that success is a result of a joint investment between ourselves and our Patients working together to achieve life changing and celebrated aesthetic outcomes.

UK Hair Transplant Clinics - Quality aftercare

4) Immunosuppression and Follicular Rejection

Some things in life cannot be controlled, and whilst in 99% of cases our detailed pre Surgery candidate screening and verified clinical processes capture candidates for whom rejection of transplanted hairs is a real risk there is always the possibility that your body simply won’t agree with your mind. Whilst rejection of the transplanted hairs by the body’s immune system is rare it would be unethical to advise that it does not happen. That’s why our guarantee is in place and why we are so passionate about taking the necessary pre and post-operative precautions to ensure that we won’t need to use it. Whilst rejection is rare, in the unlikely event that a Patient experiences significant natural rejection UK Hair insists on replacing the rejected follicles at no extra cost. If for any medical reason replacement is not possible or is believed to be at risk of leading to further rejection we will refund you for the failed follicles.

Our rigorous assessment and selection process which sees at least 2 in 10 prospective Patients being turned down for hair transplants means that we can focus our energies on providing a world class service to individuals with whom we can guarantee success. This means our team is passionate about seeing just how much they can achieve and are personally excited about the difference they can make to every Patient that walks through the UK Hair theatre doors. It is a combination of meticulous selection and stakeholder passion that suppresses our retreat rate to lower than any other clinic year upon year when we are proud to retreat under 2% of patients completely FREE of charge.

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