Women’s hair transplants.

women's hair transplants
Are you a female suffering with hair loss? We are seeing increasing numbers of females contact us with concerns about hair loss. Unsurprisingly the number of Women’s Hair Transplants taking place has grown over recent years as females become more confident with transplant procedures. Hair loss can substantially reduce your confidence and self-esteem. This is why woman choose the option of getting a hair transplant with us.

The most common type of hair loss in women occurs in a diffused pattern. Diffused hair loss is often hereditary but it can be caused by a medical condition. It can also be caused by medication or other factors such as the high levels of estrogen. Because female hair loss is becoming less of a taboo subject we are many seeing new hair loss solutions. These range from laser treatment, prescription medications and shampoos. All of these products claim to prevent future and reverse existing hair loss. The sad fact however is that many of these products simply do not work. They are merely designed to cash in on the growing demand from females for hair loss products.

Women’s Hair Transplants are guaranteed to work.

female hair transplants

We offer hair transplants for women that look entirely natural and that will last forever. Over the years women’s hair transplants have changed significantly. 20 years ago hair transplants would look very doll like a huge number of follicles would have been implanted at the same time. Today, hair follicles are implanted individually giving you a natural look. These are impossible to detect, and without prior knowledge, people won’t know you have had a hair transplant. Our results are amazing and will totally transform the way you feel.

All hair transplants are carried out with different techniques depending on the type of transplant. There are three steps to a hair transplant the extraction of the donor area, creating the incision where the new follicles will be placed and implanting the harvested follicles. Using this method is great because the head does not need to be shaved so a hair transplant is undetectable. After a few days of recovery you will be able to see the improvement and after a few months you will have a full head of luscious locks.

Womans hair transplants are the best way to get a woman’s confidence back and is the only treatment that will be permanent. We find that many woman use products such as wigs. These are not a permanent solution and can cause embarrassment to many women. We understand this and will make sure that you will have full confidence with your new full head of beautiful hair.

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You only need to look at our reviews on our website from customers to see why over 10,000 customers choose us. At UK hair we have world class experienced surgeons and we are one of Europe’s leading hair restoration partnerships but despite this we have some of the lowest rates in the world. Even if your transplant doesn’t work first time round then we will offer you a free retreat or your money back but almost all of our transplants achieve great results first time.


You only need to take a look at our website of customers amazing before and after results to see how much a hair transplant can really change your life. If you are interested in coming to visit us for a free consultation where we can help you choose the right treatment plan for you, then simply fill in the form below and one of our team will be in touch to book a consultation.

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