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Hair loss is a common issue for most men. By the time men hit their thirties most have noticed that their hair has become much thinner or that they have to receding hair line. Many have resulted in a now common procedure known as a hair transplant to stop this aging problem.
For many men this can be embarrassing to admit to but not for footballer Wayne Rooney who recently had this procedure done after he experienced a lot of hair loss. Wayne has had many hair transplants in the past to thicken and bring his hair line forward which had made an improvement. However, following the loss of the England match his hair seemed to have dropped out almost overnight, so he went to undergo yet another hair transplant. Not just celebrities but many people undergo hair transplant to boost confidence and self-esteem.

Wayne Rooney’s Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant
As many men are embarrassed by hair loss and hair transplants clinics have now come up with an ‘undetectable hair transplant’ which is where no one would ever be able to tell that the procedure has been done. Men even choose not to tell their partners or family members. Before this: ‘An Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure requires the patient to shave their head prior to treatment and the strip surgery leaves a large permanent scar.
‘A newly shaved head or a scar on the scalp would of course make it impossible to keep the procedure secret.
‘We have seen some celebrities trying to keep their treatment, quite literally, under their hat until their shaved hair grows back, but the constant wearing of a cap or hat causes questions to be asked too.’
‘Developments in treatment methods, and in particular specialist skill sets, now make it possible to perform an FUE procedure without shaving the head before treatment.
Hair transplants have been around since the 1950’s but have progressed a lot over the years as it has become a popular procedure. The procedure consists of a strip of hair being taken from the back of the scalp and the hair floccules taken will be placed back into the scalp where there is hair loss.
Although woman and men experience hair loss there is a significant difference that men loose more than women. This is due to the higher level of testosterone in men and the key role that the hormone has in hair loss. Researchers suspect that this difference can be mainly attributed to the genetic makeup of hair follicles in different parts of the scalp, and therefore the concentrations of DHT, enzymes and androgen receptor sites in each.
Science behind hair
Hair has two distinct structures – first, the follicle itself, which resides in the skin, and second, the shaft, which is what, is visible above the scalp.