5 Popular Haircuts After a Hair Transplant

After having a hair transplant the first thing you will probably want to do is get a new haircut, so we have compiled a list of the most popular haircuts after a hair transplant. We hope this will help you decide what to do with your new set of hair.

5. Comb Over

The easiest on the list is just a simple comb over. It is easy to do and won’t take you forever in the morning. Many men across the country choose this popular haircut as it doesn’t need much attention and is great as a starter haircut once your hair begins to grow after your treatment. You can simply get out of bed or the shower, dry your hair with a towel or hairdryer and then use a brush or comb to sweep your hair to one side of your head, depending on your hairline and crown.

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4. Caesar

The next hairstyle on the list is the Caesar haircut, this is very popular at the moment with many men asking for it in the barbers. It has made the top ten hairstyles of 2016 in which it ranked second on the list. This hairstyle is perfect for men who have just had a hair transplant as you do not need thick locks of hair, just a thin square on top and shaved on the sides and back. Men often choose to have a trimmed beard accompanied with this hairstyle but it looks just as good without.

Pouplar Haircuts after hair transplants - Caesar

3. Brushed Up

The third hairstyle is called the brushed up style. It involves using a hairdryer, brush and some wax or gel. Starting with your hair wet you simply brush through your hair, using the hairdryer to aid with the brushing.  How to guide

The hairstyle is very popular at the moment and it can be created with shorter hair than shown in the video in the link.

Popular Haircuts after hair transplants - Brushed Up

2. Pompadour

Number 2 on the list is called the side part pompadour, it can be created by slicking your hair up and to the side. In the barbers you can ask for a line cut in or if you prefer without then this works just as well. This popular haircut is easy to recreate at home as it is like the brushed up style just a little shorter and to the side. This hairstyle can be cut with a fade on the side as well as short back and sides.

Pouplar Haircuts after hair transplants - pompadour

1. Slicked Back

The final popular hairstyle on the list is the slicked back style, which is the most popular in the whole list. It is very easy to create and doesn’t take much effort at all. The hairstyle involves using wax to pull all your hair back and letting it fall to one side depending on your parting. The hairstyle is perfect for men who have recently undergone hair transplants and are looking for a popular hairstyle. This is because it doesn’t put much strain on your hair and the hairstyle will not move in the wind or rain.

Pouplar Haircuts after hair transplants - slick back