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Should you have a Hair Transplant?

For the “right person” the answer is definatly yes!

This will be the most rewarding and best INVESTMENT you will ever make:

  1. It dramatically improves the way you feel
  2. Which provides you with more confidence
  3. Which Improves your Quality of Life – From social interaction to greater career prospects and this investment provides these benefits for life.

This is probably one of the the most important questions you will ever ask and the purpose of this page is to help you make sure you make the correct descion for YOU.

Over the past 10 years we have developed a World wide reputation for achieving great results and happy patients and part of this is due to”Patient Selection” . We would therefore like to share with you the process we have developed from 10 years experience of listening and advising over 30,000 people on Hair loss , to help you make the correct decision.

Typically after listening to Patients expectations and analysing their scalp, we advise 1 in 3 patient ie 33% of Patients NOT TO HAVE A HAIR TRANSPLANT.

The only way to answer this question is:

Attending a Free Telephone Video Assessment

The consultations are with a member of our clinical team who have had a Transplant themselves and therefore fully understand how you are feeling. Its a no obligation conversation.

After the Assessment you will know

Answer to make the right choice!

What can be achieved?

It is important that before youi start your Hair loss journey that you fully understand what is achievable and to make sure it matches your expectations ?

How Is It achieved?

This depends on the scale of the hair loss, the quality of the patients Hair grafts and the Patients required final outcome. This could be achieved by various proven solutions-

  1.  Non surgical options
  2.  Hair Transplant
  3.  Scalp Micro Pigmentation

How Much Will It Cost?

This depends on the proposed solution:

  1.  Non surgical sollutions from £1 per day
  2. Hair Transplants from £70 per month

So ONLY once you have these answers can you make a value judgement is it woth investing in a Hair Transplant ?

Which clinic should I Choose?

Once you have decided to have a Transplant, the next decision is
which clinic to chose?

Just by typing Hair Transplants in Google you can see lots of organisation adverting this procedure. However the majority of advertisers are NOT REGISTERED Clinics and with many, the surgery is either performed by “inexperienced Doctors” or in some places by “non medical persons”.

I believe this is one of the most important decision of your life, Whilst making the right choice can improve your quality of life from social interactions to earning potential, BUT making the wrong choice can adversely affect you for the rest of your life.

Therefore to help you through the process of Choosing a Clinic, we recommend

asking the following three questions –


Yes with UK Hair Transplant Clinics:

  1. Government Approved Clinic ?
  2. Registered with Cosmetic Surgery Redress Scheme?
  3. Guarantee with surgery?
  4. Surgery in UK?
  5. Do they have Medical Indemnity Insurance?
  6. How long have they been established ?

Will I get Great Results?

Yes with UK Hair Transplant Clinics

  1. Experienced Surgeons
  2. Latest advanced technology
  3. Results featured in BBC Documentary

See our amazing results as Featured in a Hair loss
Documentary on the BBC

The UK Hair Transplant Clinic was recommended as a potential partner to work
with the BBC because of its excellent reputation for incredible results and of
course it’s no questions guarantee. After undergoing a rigorous assessment
process, involving many other clinics, the UK Hair Transplant Clinic was chosen

to feature in this TV production and became the champion of accessible hair
loss solutions for the wider public.

See Our World Class Results

 Please click on the relevant image to see before and after pictures.


Yes with UK Hair Transplant Clinics

Whilst we sometimes hear “It’s cheaper at Clinic X” is this always the best reason to chose Clinic X ? the answer is definitely yes if it is exactly the same product or service ie if buying a new car, it’s the same model, same mileage, same condition, same specification, same warranty etc then yes. However with a Hair Transplant is a skill based process and the results are based on lots of individual circumstances that need to be assessed.

So with services, you should always establish which is the Best Value andoften the difference between Cheap and Good value is misunderstood.


Say you need 100 hairs, Clinic 1 quotes you £100 and 30% grows, the cost per visible hair is £3.33. If Clinic 2 quotes you £200 and 90% grows, the cost per visible hair is £2.22



At UK Hair we are able to offer excellent value because of the volume of Patients we see, no Clinic in the UK performs as many Transplants than ourselves.

This allows us to spread our Fixed costs across more Patients and negotiatecbetter fees with the Doctors. But most importantly we don’t reduce our quality and this is demonstrated by offering Guarantees with our surgery.



Therefore to demonstrate our commitment to offering excellent value as well as excellent quality, we offer Patients the reassurance of knowing they are receiving a great value by agreeing to Price Match a like for like service.

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