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Maxi Hair Transplant

Up to 4500 follicles in 1 Maxi Hair Transplant treatment

As an internationally recognized centre of excellence and innovation within the Hair Restoration Profession, the UK Hair Transplant Clinics’ expert team are constantly researching ways in which their Patients may improve their result in minimum time and increased comfort.

Our typical patients are professional individuals who have little free time, they need to optimize the yield and quality of any procedure to justify the down time which is why so many are encouraged by our unique guarantee of success. We know our Hair Transplant Procedures are effective and the results of premium quality, that’s why we provide a full written guarantee of success.

One of the most exciting solutions in recent years is most popular amongst patients suffering from aggressive balding considered to be a Norwood 4 or above. If your hair loss falls into this category you are amongst a growing population of men whose family genetics mean they are pre-destined to reach a level of baldness resembling that below relatively quickly. The speed with which a Norwood 4 may progress to a Norwood 7 once the process has begun is quite startling. The impact that this can have on physical appearance must not be underestimated, often adding over 10 years of age in appearance and eroding as many years of confidence.

UK Hair Transplant Clinics - Maxi hair transplant 1

Maxi Hair Transplant

In the past, with traditional FUT and FUE sittings being limited to a maximum daily yield of 2500 -3000 and 1500 – 2000 follicles respectively patients with aggressive balding have had to compromise on the result that they desired from their treatment plan. Often it has to come down to choice between density and coverage, with Patients being advised to opt for higher density over fewer areas than low density across the entire recipient area. Our consultants will advise that any Patient requiring over 3000 Grafts (FUT) or 2200 Grafts (FUE) will need to have a second procedure 12 months after the initial operation to achieve the desired yield. This is not an ideal scenario for a time poor Patient with aggressive balding, prolonging the time to true recovery by another 12-18 months dependent on healing ability and donor density.

As a leader in its field UK Hair have for some years offered patients with advanced hair loss a solution to their problem in a single two day session, combining FUE and FUT procedures to accommodate treatment plans of 3000 follicles and above. The UK Hair ‘Maxi Hair Transplant offers a solution to the problem of advanced hair loss and is unique in its field.

For both of these patients the UK Hair ‘Maxi Hair’ treatment plan was carried out over 2 days, combining FUE and FUT transplant techniques with nutritional supplements, micropigmentation and prescribed medication to in one uniquely formulated treatment plan performed only by the most senior and experienced Surgeons and Technicians in their field who have years of experience in Hair Restoration and are true pioneers for change within their field.

Patient 1 – Requires 4600 Grafts

UK Hair Transplant Clinics - Maxi Hair Transplant 2

Patient 2 requires 3900 grafts

UK Hair Transplant Clinics - Maxi Hair Transplant 3

What Are The Benefits Of The ‘Maxi Hair Transplant"?

If your treatment plan involves a Maxi Hair Transplant recommendation you will want to consider the benefits of this amazing procedure


  • One Procedure, One Treatment, One Down Time Requirement
    If electing the standard techniques Patients with aggressive hair loss which is classified as the requirement for over 2500 follicles (FUE) or 3000 Follicles (FUT) would need to accommodate a second procedure which could be performed no less than 12 months after the first. This means two lots of preparation, two lots of inconvenience, two lots of recovery and twice as long to obtain your true result and retrieve both your youthful appearance and your confidence.
    Providing that the Patient has sufficient donor density, the need for this double inconvenience may be eliminated with the Maxi Hair where up to 4500 grafts may be harvested and implanted over 2 consecutive days.
  • Quicker results
    With the average unsupplemented hair transplant requiring up to 18 months to achieve full growth, the benefits of the fully fortified Maxi Hair Transplant the price for which includes all hair regrowth supplementation and medication for the life of the regrowth cycle are astounding with the recovery and regrowth time being more than halved. Our Maxi Hair Transplant patients typically achieve full regrowth within 10 months, nearly half the time of that required by the average transplant clinics’ Patients to achieve full growth from just one treatment.
  • Cost saving
    Patients opting for the Maxi Hair Transplant treatment generally save £1000 off the equivalent cost of two procedures. They save a further £1000 in products and surgeon formulated regrowth acceleration supplements and medication prescribed to yield results faster than seen by any other UK Clinic. That’s a £2000 cost saving for a faster result, for Patients with aggressive hair loss there’s no doubt whatsoever that the Maxi Hair is not only the most effective solution but the best value in the UK market today.
  • Less recovery periods
    Whilst the actual required recovery time will be dependent on the nature of your employment and individual propensity for healing it is always recommended that the Patient take 2 weeks off work following treatment. With the traditional 2 stage transplant this would mean that for 2 years the majority of your annual leave would be dedicated to recovery. The Maxi Hair allows you to return to normality and enjoy your leave at leisure in only one sitting meaning your second vacation can not only be spent however you wish but also with total renewed confidence in your appearance. If you’re going to look 10 years younger you’re going to want to share it with the world!

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