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Officially the UK’s No 1 Hair Loss Clinic

The Highest rated Hair Loss Clinic by Google Reviews with 4.9 out of 5

The Highest rated Hair Loss Clinic by Trust Pilot Reviews with 9.2 out of 10

UK Hair Transplant Clinics Independent Reviews

Continuing on its previous achievements of being chosen by the BBC to feature in Hair Transplant documentaries and being voted the highest rated Hair Loss Clinic by Trust Pilot independent Review site, we have now been rated the highest ranked Clinic by Google reviews as well. The rating was based on independent reviews from Patients who have used its services.

Having discussed Hair replacement with over 10,000 People, UK Hair Transplant Clinics has developed a world class reputation for its award winning customer service and excellent hair transplant results. It has achieved this status by investing in the very latest technology, being at the forefront on introducing innovative clinical practice, recruiting the very best surgeons and clinical teams and by being dedicated to providing a 1st class customer service.

UK Hair Transplant Clinics
“Response to enquiry and confidence given as a result of consultation. It was also helpful that the person I would see, was going through treatment so was able to provide first-hand experience” – Alan

“I checked out a number of websites and entered my details. Once I got talking with the team I just didn’t feel the need to search elsewhere” – Richard B

“ I noticed a local consultation was offered – which was free – and there was a reduced rate on offer for surgery” – John R

“After going through the website, I thought of consulting the experts” – Rama

UK Hair Transplant Clinics
“Confidence from consultation, cost and after care. The complete package and support gave me the confidence to proceed along with a major decision. They never made me feel that I couldn’t ask questions no matter how often of stupid. Which I greatly appreciated as the nearer the procedure got the more nervous I became” – Alan

“The information was accurate and the price competitive” -Fred

“Because I found that you only deal with hair transplants. Other companies dealt with various procedures”- Jatinder

“Reputation of surgeon. Detail of information on web site” -John

“I was provided with information about the quality of the surgeon to be used and I was able to verify his credentials from the information passed. Also the price offered for the surgery was lower than I had anticipated for what I wanted done. I was also drawn in by the money off available for surgery” – John R

“Looking at the evaluation report and the results of previous clients, I decided to have this surgery”- Rama

“Mainly because of the confidence from their staff and how they put over the treatment” – Richard

“Better consultation and guarantee” – Steve

“Because it was given to me the opportunity to go to the clinic and met the doctor and see him during the procedure, for me everything was very professional and trustful”. antonia

UK Hair Transplant Clinics
Average Score – 5.4 out of 6 – EXCELLENT

Any additional comments :

‘ Excellent support and advice provided’

‘ Very helpful and made an effort to phone constantly checking on how I was doing which meant a lot’

‘They were exceptionally helpful and informative through the whole process ‘

‘Team has been very helpful and was always quick in resolving my queries’

‘They contacted me within 24 hrs and he was very helpful, very friendly, very supportive, very professional and gave me all the advice I needed’

UK Hair Transplant Clinics
Average score – 5.3 / out of 6 – VERY GOOD

Any additional comments:

‘I don’t know how you could make this clinic any better! I would recommend it to anyone who wanted a hair transplant’

‘He answered all the questions I had and the consultation did not feel rushed despite being free’

‘I met the Consultant in central London and he was brilliant. Very professional, he explained the whole process in great detail and answered all my questions in detail ‘

Average score 5.6/ 6 EXCELLENT

Any additional comments:

‘They organised a pre/op visit which proved very useful. My surgery match my expectations’

‘Accommodation was pre booked and I was collected from the hotel and taken to the surgery which I found useful as I would not have wanted the hassle of finding the clinic on the morning of the surgery’

‘Picked up and brought home, what more could I say’

UK Hair Transplant Clinics
UK Hair Transplant Clinics
Average score- 4.8/ 6 VERY GOOD

Any additional comments:

‘Clinic was great and the staff couldn’t have looked after me any better. A first rate team of care staff who really made me feel at ease’

‘Very clean and professional ‘

‘Nice quiet location and very friendly staff’

“I found the clinic very modern and comfortable”.

Average score – 5.7 / 6 EXCELLENT

Any additional comments:

‘He was very competent and skilled ‘

‘Surgeon was very informative and talked me through the procedure and helped me to relax’

‘The surgeon and the team were awesome. Thanks so much’

” the surgeon was a sensational person and very professional”

Please score 1 to 6 , with 6 being extremely painful and 1 being no discomfort;

Average score – 1.2 / 6 MILD DISCOMFORT

Any additional comments:

‘The treatment was not nearly as uncomfortable or painful as I expected’

‘Only discomfort I felt was the initial injections, that only lasted minutes’

‘No pain at all’

Average score- 6/6 EXCELLENT

Any additional comments:

‘Fantastic service from start to finish and being driven home afterwards made all the difference as there is no way that I would have wanted to get public transport home. This was another factor which made me choose UK Hair’

‘First class. After treatment support has been really important’

‘Overall very pleased so far. I have been able to contact Mark easily before and after the procedure, the staff on the day were all very pleasant. I was collected for and returned after the surgery. In fact it’s all fallen into place so easily I think I’m a little in shock that I’ve actually had the procedure done’

“I was nervous to start off with, had the consultation then got bags of confidence after talking to them. The operation went fine, it was nice and chilled on my part, I had complete trust in the surgeon and my recovery is going really well. I’m looking forward to my final results’

‘I would recommend the team that treated me to anyone’

” definitely I would recommend the clinic. Thank you to all the team , everyone wa fantastic.”

UK Hair Transplant Clinics - Before and After
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