Hair Solutions: How Affordable Do You Think They Are?

Hair transplants are often the best solution to any issues with hair loss. There are two types – FUT (follicular unit transplantation) and FUE (follicular unit extraction). There are subtle differences between the two, but the results generally remain the same. The FUE method involves taking individual follicles from the head one by one, and the FUT method involves taking a strip of the scalp. The procedures involve very little recovery time and patients can return to work the very next day should they wish to. It can take a few hours fort he procedures to be carried out, and many surgeons do prefer to shave the entire head prior to the hair transplant, so these are both factors to consider.

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When considering a hair solution like a transplant, it is easy to get caught up in claims by friends and family, perhaps, of the astounding costs associated. Prepare to have your mind put at ease. Hair transplant costs can be specifically tailored to you and your income so that you can pay in affordable monthly or weekly instalments. So, a number that may seem insurmountable to begin with, when broken down, is ultimately inexpensive.

When considering hair solutions like hair transplants it is important to get a thorough consultation, as prices are specific to your procedure and depend on the number of follicles being transplanted. Consultations are often free and don’t add to the end price, which means you can talk to a clinic freely and openly about your possible procedure, without worrying about having to pay for their time should you change your mind. It is important to know exactly how much your specific procedure would cost so that you can begin planning out a payment plan that works for you as early as possible, which can be as little as £3 a day.

How much are they?

Another fact to remember about hair solutions like transplants is that they are cost effective – you receive completely natural growth of your own hair for a very good price. Also, there is no hidden expenses following your procedure, as aftercare is minimal. There are no lotions or chemicals, wigs or hairpieces to keep buying and replacing – once you’ve paid, that’s it. So, in the long run, hair transplants can be considered the cheapest of all hair solutions, and will become your most worthwhile investment.

Ultimately, costs are involving with all types of hair solutions, be it a lotion or chemical applied to the scalp to stimulate hair growth or hairpieces designed to cover up bald patches. In the long run, prices seem but only a small minor detail when looking at the bigger picture – your increase in confidence and security in your appearance will speak for itself.

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