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Try our Hair Restoration Procedure. No Scars, No Dressing's

If you have decided on having a hair transplant, then it’s inevitable that you may be feeling slightly apprehensive and here we fully explain the hair restoration procedure.

The hair restoration procedure has changed dramatically over recent years and the results are now much more natural and sustainable.

Your hair restoration procedure will be able to be completed as an outpatient, there is no need for an overnight stay with us.

The whole process varies dependent on the hair restoration procedure that you and your surgeon have decided on. Each of the procedures that we carry out will start with an anaesthetic injected into the transplant site to numb the area. This may have a small sting where the injection is given but once this has been administered the area will numb up quickly and be assured you won’t feel any pain during transplant – So it’s worth it for the results you can be assured.

Hair Restoration Procedure
So once you have had your anaesthetic here is the hair transplant procedure for each technique;

Strip Transplant (FUT)

  • Hair is extracted from the donor area at the back of head also known as harvesting
  • Strip hair restoration procedure carefully extracts a narrow strip of skin from the back of the head
  • Strip is dissected in preparation for transplant
  • Up to 2500 grafts are transplanted at any one time
  • Longer healing time than FUE but more areas can be covered
  • Scar is left but can be covered by longer hair
  • Small dressing added sometimes but this is just for 24 hours to protect the strip

Follicular Unit Extraction

  • Hair is extracted using a small round device called a punch which is taken from dense areas of hair
  • One to four hairs are extracted at a time from the scalp
  • Hairs is individually implanted
  • No Scar left in this process
  • No dressing required

Maxi Hair Restoration Procedure

  • A combination of both of the above procedures is carried out over a two-day period

Once your hair restoration completion is complete you will be able to have a rest, drink and relax and be discharged from clinic. We then will see you back in clinic for a follow up. You can usually go back to work within a couple of days following your treatment, if your job is manual you may want to take up to a week off to ensure that all of your follicles are healed over.

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