Discover How Well Hair Loss Concealers Actually Work?

When experiencing hair loss, it can be difficult to determine how to treat the problem – depending on the severity of the hair loss, there are a variety of different treatments and solutions available on the market, such as hair transplants, hair growth supplements and hair loss concealers. Hair loss concealers are mostly recommended for those with smaller bald patches – they wouldn’t be effective on those who are completely bald, or have advanced hair loss.

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A common misconception with hair loss concealers is that they promote or help with new hair growth – this is not the case. The purpose of these concealers is simply to cover any thinning areas of the hair. They completely cover any effect hair loss has had on your scalp, and they do not inhibit the growth of the remaining follicles. If you are looking for a more permanent solution for your hair loss woes, then it would be best to point you in the direction of a hair transplant. Depending on the brand, hair loss concealers can perfectly imitate the appearance of your hair, and can blend seamlessly with the rest of your hair. The strength and resilience of hair loss concealers may also depend on the brand used – there are many on the market that are completely weatherproof and long-lasting. Hair loss concealers do offer many different colours, so that you can make sure that any areas covered are not noticeable.

The main benefit of hair loss concealers is their affordability – however, the seemingly small initial price can build up, especially if you plan on using the concealers as a long-term solution. There are a lot of different form of hair loss concealers available, so the cost does vary. The powder solid forms are the most widely used, proving superior to cream or liquid forms. The powder works by bonding with the hair via static electricity, to thicken the appearance of each strand individually, which is similar to the way that spray forms work. They do not leave stains on any fabrics, so there are no tell-tale signs on any clothing, and they wash off after shampooing.

So they do work?

Hair loss concealers effectively conceal thinning spots on the scalp – they are not suitable for completely bald spots as they need to bond with existing hair to thicken the appearance. Powder forms are preferable to other forms, as they look more natural and are more resistant to the elements. These concealers are a great temporary solution – however, for permanent results, a hair transplant may be worth considering.

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