What is an FUT Transplant?

FUT, also known as ‘strip surgery’, FUT stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation is a type of hair transplant surgery. FUT is well known for reducing damage to the scalp when compared with other methods. FUT produces great, natural-looking results which will help reverse your existing hair loss issues.

During FUT surgery existing hair from the back of your head are removed in a single, thin strip. This strip is then trimmed down into individual follicles under a microscope. with each unit measuring around 1mm in width. By moving these follicle units as a whole it helps to promote hair growth once transplanted.

Modern Follicular Unit Transportation is considered an advance on older hair transplant techniques which used larger grafts. This would leave horrible scarring and gave poor, cheap looking results. FUT results in a more natural-looking effect for the patient and the new grafts are virtually undetectable.

With a FUT hair transplant up to 3,000 grafts can be transplanted at one time. However, FUT requires a longer healing time after hair transplant surgery and leaves a scar across the scalp. As such we suggest a longer hairstyle post FUT Surgery. If you prefer a shorter hairstyle then we suggest at looking into a FUE Hair Transplant.

FUT Hair Transplant

The FUT surgical procedure.

Because each follicular unit is the same size, it makes it easy for your surgeon to work with. This is very useful in the planning stages and helps to work out the number of grafts that can be carried out during your surgery.
For your hair transplant to look as natural, the implanted hairs must emerge from undamaged skin. To cause the least amount of damage to your scalp, excess tissues of non-hair bearing skin are first trimmed from around the follicular units.

The surgeon then inserts the follicles into tiny, needle-made incisions in the patient’s scalp. This helps to prevent damage to the connective tissue and blood supply. It also ensures that the transplanted follicles are tightly embedded into your scalp. By doing this we can also dictate the direction in which your hair will grow post-surgery.
Additionally, the tight fit of these follicles facilitates healing as it ensures the transplants receive enough oxygen from surrounding tissues.

Who is an ideal candidate for an FUT Transplant?

There are three groups of patients who make the best candidates for FUT hair replacement surgery.
These are:

  • Men who have been losing their hair due to male pattern baldness for more than five years, or whose condition is a Norwood Scale Class 3 or above.
  • Men for whom medically-proven hair loss treatments may not work (this is usually due to the stage and pace of the hair loss when they first start treatment.)
  • Men who have been balding for many years and whose hair loss has now stabilised.

FUT surgery may not be possible for people using blood thinners including Plavix, Coumadin and Heparin. Prior to your surgery, our clinical support team will advise you of lifestyle changes that may be necessary ahead of your hair transplant operation. This will include temporarily stopping smoking and consuming alcohol.

Is FUT widely available?

Many hair transplant surgeons offer both FUE and FUT methods. A surgical hair transplant is a complex operation that should only ever be carried out by a skilled surgeon. The results you experience will be a result of the skill of the surgeon. To get the best possible result you need to select a surgeon you can trust.

If you would like to discuss an FUT transplant, contact us to arrange your free hair loss consultation with one of our consultants. An examination will be carried out and you will be advised as to the correct treatment option for your specific situation. Simply fill in the form below and one of our advisors will be in touch to discuss arranging a consultation at a clinic close to your location.