Find what’s the FUE Hair transplant cost

When looking at hair transplants, after thinking about the benefits of the treatment there is always the cost to consider. Here we are looking at FUE hair transplants and the FUE hair transplant cost to ensure that before you book to go ahead you are fully informed of the ins and outs of this investment.

A FUE hair transplant, also known as follicular unit extraction takes place the highly trained surgeon will use a round punch like piece of equipment to extract hair follicles one by one. This is usually done where hair is denser and thick to ensure that you can’t notice the missing hair. Once the hair is extracted from the scalp the hair is implanted into the area that is receiving the hair. The hair follicles are implanted one by one. This process takes an immense amount of precision which is often with the FUE hair transplant cost is slightly higher.


When looking at FUE hair transplant procedures and FUE hair transplant cost this is usually a preferred choice even when spending slightly more The benefits of the process ensures that that there is hardly any disruption to the skin on the scalp and as the extraction is non-invasive. When using FUE there is no scars left and often the head is often healed by just ten days post-surgery.


FUE hair transplant cost

FUE hair transplant cost is usually provided after consultation once the surgeon has seen how many hair follicles are needed to be extracted and implanted during the procedure. With this you will receive a fixed FUE hair transplant cost quotation so you have the full information you need from the start. At the minute FUE hair transplants have 90% success rate of the implanted follicles growing. This just shows how far advanced the treatment has become.

If you need between 2200 and 2500 grafts, then FUE hair transplant is usually the recommend course of treatment. It is also the choice of treatment if the scalp is very tight as strip transplants would cause to much scarring in this instance.

You can find out more about the average FUE hair transplant cost on our website here along with other hair transplant options. If you have decided to go ahead with a hair transplant, then book a consultation here online or call the specialists on 0800 043 0993 and they will be able to talk you though the options available for you.