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FREE Online or Physical Hair Loss Assessment

Nearly all Patients can achieve their required results as long as they are on the correct treatment plan which can only be established at the assessment

• 40% patients achieve results from simply taking prescribed tablets
• 20% of Patients wont be able to achieve their results
• 40% Patients only solution is a Transplant from £60 per month

Why Is It So Important To Attend A Free HAIR loss assessment?

Simple, it’s the only way you can answer the following critical questions;

What is the best Hair Loss Treatment for me and will it work?

Am I suitable for Treatment?

How much will it cost?

These can only be answered by performing a series of diagnostic tests and by physically examining the scalp.




  • We use this to work out the clinic nearest to you.


In order to answer this we need to examine the thinning area using a ‘Proscope Digital Follicle Analyser’. The type of treatment you require depends on the hair loss stage of the follicles, i.e. are they dying or dead, and this cannot be established with the human eye. If there is still a live follicle, but producing weak and miniaturised hair, it will not be possible to transplant into this area since there would be no space vacated by the dead follicle to implant into.

If we transplant a follicle into an area where there were still follicles, they would most definitely not grow as there would not be enough nutrients in that area to feed the existing and newly implanted follicles. This is why it is essential to check the follicle status of the thinning area, and this can only be achieved using this specialist Hair Loss microscope.

We normally find that 20% of Patients can achieve their required look by using medication that costs from less than £1 per day.

Am I suitable for a hair transplant?

If we do recommend a transplant as the required treatment, we then have to check the donor area at the back of your head with a ‘Digital Densomiter’ to ensure that the follicles are strong enough to survive the hair transplant process. Only if the follicles are completely healthy will they grow. Overall we find that 1 in 10 Patients are not suitable. Therefore if we performed a treatment on all Patients without performing this test, 1 in 10 would achieve poor results and not be happy.

Hair Loss Solutions - scalp close up

How much will it cost?

Hair transplant Clinics - before and after

Why do I need to attend a consultation to find the price, can’t I just send you some pictures ?


To calculate the price we need to –

1) Review the thinning or bald area
– Accurately measure the treatable area to establish the physical space in cm2
– Use the microscope to establish the level of visible hair in the treatable area, we can then calculate the number of follicles that are required to be added to thicken the area

2) Review the area where we are taking the follicles from
The number of follicles we require depends on the quality and characteristics of the follicles. Under a microscope we analyse-
– The average number of hairs per follicle
– The average tricometry of the hair shafts
– The type of hair
– The colour of the hair
For example a patient with very fine hair and a low hair to follicle ratio will need considerable more follicles implanted per cm2 compared to a Patient with thick hair and a high hair to follicle ratio.

Who will I see at the Consultation?

At UK Hair we fully understand that for many arranging a consultation is a big step and that you may be very nervous about discussing your hair loss issues, but there is no need to be. The surgical assistant you will see has been in your hair loss situation and so fully understands the emotional effect that hair loss can create. Having had treatments themselves you can see first-hand the results that can be achieved.
At our clinics, the appointments are not with pushy sales people and it’s a no obligation consultation. The appointment takes between 30 and 40 minutes and at the consultation we perform all of the required tests explained above, discuss your personalised treatment plan and answer any questions you may have.
At the end of the appointment you will receive a personal Hair Loss treatment plan which is unique to you. This contains prices and treatment options.

You receive a full written hair loss treatment plan

UK Hair Transplant Clinics - doctor consult

Limited Free Assessments.

(including weekends and evenings)

For a limited number of assessments at each of our  locations, we are offering you the opportunity of saving money for a hair loss assessments with a qualified member of our surgical team. Whilst other clinics offer free assessments, it is usually with a sales person, so check their qualifications.

Some companies even offer to see you at home, which might sound appealing but technically is illegal if you are a clinical person.

There is also an increase in companies offering you skype consultations. Whilst again this might seem more convenient than traveling a short distance for a physical assessment, an accurate diagnosis or treatment plan cannot be achieved without the above mentioned tests and investigation being performed. This could result in an unhappy patient investing a lot of money for a poor result.