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Female Hair Loss UK

female hair transplants
Womans hair transplants
Unfortunately, it has become apparent that female hair transplants are on the increase. There could be various reasons for the increased number of females suffering from hair loss. This includes the stresses of everyday life, increased styling using heated appliances, the use of hair extensions and poorly managed diets.

So what can be done? Society tells us that we should all aim to have a head full of flowing locks but unfortunately, this isn’t always a given. If you are suffering from female hair loss then there are different options available to you to help.

  • Hair Growth Products – There are some quality hair products we are able to recommend that will help reduce female hair loss. These include stimulants to encourage hair growth and topical solutions which can be used to thicken your hair.
  • Hair Replacement Treatments – This is our specialist area and we have helped numerous patients with women’s hair transplants. We have helped many women overcome hair loss and restore their confidence.
  • We use this to work out the clinic nearest to you.
Until now many of people believed  hair transplants were only available for men. This could be due to the fact that there has not been much media coverage for female hair transplants. This could be down to embarrassment or just lack of research into this. However, with the increase of female hair loss in the UK, now seems like a good time to get the options available out there to any sufferers. Be assured there is nothing to be embarrassed about, there are approximately 8 million sufferers of female hair loss UK reported at present and this is just those who have acknowledged the issue such as with their GP.

Depending on the type of hair loss you are suffering from will determine the treatment We would recommend to you. The first step would be to book a free, no obligation and fully confidential consultation with one of our experts. If you are suffering from female hair loss then our experts will be able to recommend a treatment plan to prevent further hair loss and to restore your hair back to its former glory.