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Imagine How Good You would Feel With Thicker Hair

It really is true, now your hair loss can be a problem that’s left in the past, revealing a whole new more confident you. Imagine how different your life would be, how much better you would feel if you were no longer plagued by the insecurity so many people harbour from losing their hair prematurely. You’ve seen the stories and witnessed the visual transformations of celebrities and public figures who have literally turned back the clock on their hair loss, but perhaps didn’t think that such incredible opportunity was available to you. We’re here to tell you that hair loss really can be a thing of the past, of your past.

UK Hair Transplant Clinics Chosen by the BBC to feature on Hair Transplant Documentary

UK HAIR TRANSPLANT CLINICS surgeons are accredited members of the ISHRS, the global community of hair loss and restoration experts. Because we have so much knowledge at our disposal we are proud to be at the forefront of the science behind hair loss and restoration. Bringing the most innovative techniques and being first to market with the latest scientific breakthroughs in hair restoration technology you can rest assured that there is a way for you to stop losing hair and to regrow the hair that you have already lost, a way that is tailored to you only via your unique treatment plan. This is not fiction but fact and at UK Hair we make fact affordable.

Written Guarantee with your treatment

Because we solely specialise in Hair Restoration surgery, we bring you the most advanced surgical treatments, with the very best technology. We are so confident in our ability, we are happy to provide Patients with a written guarantee with their treatment, This gives you reassurance that your in expert safe hands.

Hair Transplants voted the must have makeover surgery

A recent survey of thousands of UK men by a leading independent agency highlighted that over 80% of men are concerned about hair loss, so you are not alone. Even more tellingly, over 98% of those men would opt for hair restoration treatment if they knew that it would work. At UK Hair we have thousands of Patients who PROVE it works, and their life changes stories could just as easily be you.

Why is it so popular?

  • Its permanent
  • It looks completely natural
  • Painless treatment
  • Just 1 visit
  • Little or no scarring
  • Affordable prices

Save from £1000 to £2000 on Hair Transplants

To celebrate being featured by the BBC, we are offering Patients the opportunity to save up to £2000 off treatments
Please note this is the last few days of this promotion and is availability is limited. Savings will be offered on a first come basis.