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Cost of Hair Transplants

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How much does a hair transplant cost?

The most popular question we are asked, is how much does a Hair Transplant cost? this depends on 2 factors

1) The quantity of grafts we need to implant

2) the type of Hair Transplant surgical technique

Of these 2 , the number of grafts has the greatest impact on price. With the transplant type ie Strip (FUT) and FUE, the normal difference is from £200 to £700 per treatment which is typically 10% to 15% more expensive

Prices from £62 to £130 per month

In summary the prices range from £3000  ( from  £62 per month on the payment plan) to £6200 (from £130  per month) for the permanent Hair Transplant,


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Hair Transplants Costs | pre transplant


Hair Transplants Costs | post transplant


Live Celebrity Hair Transplant- Joe Swash.

Watch his short video.

Joe Swash’s hair transplant was probably one of the biggest changes we have ever seen among celebrities. The reason being, many celebrities seek a hair transplant after only a few hairs have fallen out so the results are barely noticeable as it was never truly needed to start with. However with Joe Swash he had lost a large amount of hair before he decided to have a hair transplant so the end results were much more evident and successful. After his hair transplant Joe said that even some of his friends and relatives weren’t able to know him after the operation. His hair is now thick and despite the fact that he is still very young, he started looking even younger, his follow up procedure earlier this year at UK Hair Transplant Clinics was a great success.

The story around Joe Swash’s hair transplant is yet more proof of the fact that hair restoration is becoming more and more important and increasingly popular nowadays. Not only is it more important but it is also becoming more efficient and successful, especially with techniques such as scalp micropigmentation becoming so well known. This will probably going to lead to more people seeking it and, hopefully, in the close future hair loss and baldness will become less and less of a problem. 

Quantity Of Grafts

The quantity of Grafts required is dependent on-

  • Physical size of the proposed transplant area
  • The implant density ie how many Grafts are required to implant to achieve good hair density

The Transplant Area

The first stage is to agree the size of the area tobe transplanted. Once this area is marked we digitally measure this surface area in cm2.

The Planned Hair Transplant Density

Once we have the exact calculated measurements,  we then have to establish how many grafts per square centimetre are required to achieve  good hair density.  We do this by analysing the donor area at the back of the head where the hair grafts are harvested. For this purpose we use a specialist hair digital microscope.

The factors that influence the computer transplant algorithm are-

  • Average hairs per graft
  • The micro diameter of the hair shaft
  • The natural hair colour
  • Existing hair density in the planned transplant area

Typically you require 25 to 45  grafts per cm

Hair Loss Solutions - scalp close up
UK Hair Transplant Clinics - Hair follicles - 1 2 3 hair
Hair Transplants Costs

Poor Planning = Unhappy Patients

Many of the patients we have seen who have had previous Hair transplant consultations elsewhere, were told different numbers of required Grafts Why ? that’s simple, they just dont follow any of professions guidelines outlined above. They simply just guess and there are 3 possible outcomes-

  • Guess to low – ie results are to thin and patient is unhappy
  • Guess to high – ie paying for follicles they don’t need and if they try and over implant in an area then it is likely that they will have poor growth and be unhappy
  • They guess correct –

example of poor planned density

Even if it’s the best surgeon in the world

A recent article in our professions journal highlighted that accurate treatment planning is just as important as the actual surgery. For example, the best surgeon in the world implanted 1400 Follicles and all 1400 grew, so an excellent surgery procedure, However when the Patient returned at 12 months the results looked poor and the surgeon was surprised. The surgeon then   reviewed his initial consultation and realised that he should have implanted 2000 Follicles to achieve good hair thickness and not the actual 1400 that he implanted. So the Patients poor results were not due to the surgeons quality BUT to poor planning.

Type of Transplant Procedure

Now we have an accurate number of follicles, the price depends on the choice of Hair Transplant , ie Strip ( FUT) or FUE. surgical procedure. The simple difference is how the follicles are harvested from the donor area. With strip you have a fine line scar and FUE micro dot scars that are far less visible. [ put link to comparison pages]  The FUE takes 2 to 5 hours longer depending on the number of follicles required and  typically is  between £400 and £1000 more expensive because it generally takes about 20% to 40% longer to complete the treatment


FUT Line scar


FUE Scaring

Hair Transplant Might Not Be The Solution ??

With 40% of Patients Prescribed Tablets are the solution

Whilst everyone wants to know how much a Hair Transplant will cost, IT MIGHT COST NOTHING ?? . This is because 40% of Patients can achieve the look they want from simply taking prescribed Hair loss tablets. This is because the reduction in visual hair density is due to follicle dying and not dead. We can only establish by physically analysing the potential transplant area under a specialist digital microscope at your FREE Hair Loss Assessment.

The tablets cost from 80p per day.

1 in 6 Patients where the Transplant is the ONLY solution are NOT SUITABLE

if we believe the transplant is the best solution to achieve your results, not every patient is technically suitable depending on the quality of the Follicles at the back of your head. To establish this we do more special microscopic diagnostic tests on these follicles and for 1 in 6 Patients we find that the Patient has poor hair quality which would mean that the Follicles may not survive the trauma of the transplant.





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