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Top Ten Celebrity Hair Transplants.

When we are considering any form of cosmetic enhancement it is often looked to celebrities to show us how it’s done and how good the results can be. This is often the case for celebrity hair transplants, there have been many in the news over recent years and here we are going to look at what we feel are the top ten celebrity hair transplants that have taken place.

  1. Wayne Rooney – Probably the most famous of all celebrity hair transplants is the Manchester United, England star Wayne Rooney. When Wayne realised at the age of just 25 he was losing his hair he took the brave decision to undergo a hair transplant. Any celebrity hair transplant is noticed in the news but Wayne being so high profile was sure to cause a stir. Following his transplant Wayne was really pleased with the results. He has said that he would not hesitate in having another transplant to top up if necessary.


  1. Matthew McConaughey – Matthew is a world renowned American Actor, known for his great body and good looks even being voted as sexiest man alive in 2005. Matthew noticed that his hair was thinning at around age 30 due to androgenetic alopecia and he took steps to ensure that he kept his locks looking great by opting for a hair transplant. The transplant that Matthew had looks to us to be FUE hair transplant as there is no visible scar. We all agree here that the transplant looks great.


  1. Sir Elton John – Probably one of the most famous and first celebrity hair transplants that has taken place is the one of Sir Elton John. Sir Elton is said to have more than one hair transplant procedure and his hair certainly looks good for it. When you compare pictures of his hair back in the 1970’s to now you can really see the results of the transplant.


  1. Mel Gibson – Mel is definitely one of the best veteran actors around starring in some fantastic films over the years. Also voted as a sexiest man alive winner in 1985 and also one of the top 50 most beautiful people in the world, that’s certainly an achievement and a half! Mel had his hair transplant in 2006 as his hair line was thinning and receding, he is said to be ecstatically pleased with the results.


  1. Dennis Miller – Dennis is a famous Radio and TV personality in America. Dennis found his hair to be thinning and instantly decided a hair transplant was his choice of dealing with the situation. He has had two treatments the first being around 2004 and the results speak for themselves.


  1. Bono – Our next celebrity hair transplant is out very own Bono. The lead singer in U2 has lost nearly all of his hair when he decided to opt for a hair transplant and the results were fantastic.


  1. James Nesbit – Cold feet and Murphy’s Law star James is an Irish heartthrob and had to endure his hair loss right in the public eye which must have been a difficult situation. James took it right in his stride and was very open and honest about his hair transplant with his fans and he says that his hair transplant has even helped him to bag further roles in television.


  1. David Beckham – Another English celebrity hair transplant for one of the most well-known and publicised footballers and personalities David Beckham. David is constantly in the news and promoting himself so when his hair started thinning this was a big thing for him, especially since his hair is almost a famous as him. It’s no wonder he opted for a hair transplant and the results were great.


  1. Salman Khan – This famous Bollywood superstar was famous for his good looks and thick jet black hair therefore when it started to thin, Salman quickly went through with a hair transplant and restored his fantastic locks.


  1. Robbie Williams – Our final celebrity hair transplant that has been famous in the news is our own boy band and solo singer extraordinaire Robbie. Robbie was well known for being a sex symbol and when he started to lose hair as he hit 40 he took action and went for the transplant with fabulous results.

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