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UK Hair Transplant have established one of the most prestigious  Hair Transplant Clinics in Belfast. The Belfast Hair Transplant Clinic is very easy to access from all major transport connections.

Our Surgeons at UK Hair Transplant have all been invited to attend innovative training and conferences across the world with the best hair transplant surgeons to ensure they are the most knowledgeable and skilled surgeons within the hair restorative community. We understand that just like fashion, hair styles change and our Hair Transplant procedures and systems reflect this across the board.

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If you require any further additional information regarding your Belfast Hair Transplant procedure please call 0800 043 0993 where a friendly fully trained telephone representative will be waiting to take your call. Any call you make will be totally confidential.

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Before and after hair transplant

Live Celebrity Hair Transplant- Joe Swash

Watch his short video

Joe Swash’s hair transplant was probably one of the biggest changes we have ever seen among celebrities. The reason being, many celebrities seek a hair transplant after only a few hairs have fallen out so the results are barely noticeable as it was never truly needed to start with. However with Joe Swash he had lost a large amount of hair before he decided to have a hair transplant so the end results were much more evident and successful. After his hair transplant Joe said that even some of his friends and relatives weren’t able to know him after the operation. His hair is now thick and despite the fact that he is still very young, he started looking even younger, his follow up procedure earlier this year at UK Hair Transplant Clinics was a great success.

The story around Joe Swash’s hair transplant is yet more proof of the fact that hair restoration is becoming more and more important and increasingly popular nowadays. Not only is it more important but it is also becoming more efficient and successful, especially with techniques such as scalp micropigmentation becoming so well known. This will probably going to lead to more people seeking it and, hopefully, in the close future hair loss and baldness will become less and less of a problem. 


In order to give you an idea of the visual improvement that Hair Transplants achieve, we have provided a few before and after photos for you to review.

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  • World Class Surgeons.
  • We Specialize Only In Hair Restoration.
  • Advanced Surgical Techniques.
  • Government Approved Surgical Facilities.
  • The Very Latest Technology.
  • A Guarantee With Treatment.

With Hair Loss Assessment Centres and Surgical Facilities across the UK, the UK Hair Transplant Clinic has the largest Partnership of Clinics to refer Patients for Hair Restoration Surgery. Its partner surgeons are some of the UK’s most experienced hair restorations Surgeons. The UK Hair Transplant Clinics brand is recognized across the UK, Ireland and internationally for their ethical approach to treatment planning and state-of-the-art care of patients.

World Class Experienced Surgeons

In their quest to identify, understand and practice the most innovative techniques in the market today our physicians have been invited to train with advanced surgical techniques at conferences around the world for more than 15 years. Just as fashion changes so does the preference for a certain look, and the way in which that look can be developed is being updated every day across the world amongst the global hair restoration community.

See our amazing results as Featured in a Hair loss Documentary on the BBC

The UK Hair Transplant Clinic was recommended as a potential partner to work with the BBC because of its excellent reputation for incredible results and of course it’s no questions guarantee. After undergoing a rigorous assessment process, involving many other clinics, the UK Hair Transplant Clinic was chosen to feature in this TV production and became the champion of accessible hair loss solutions for the wider public.

Clinic Guarantee With Your Treatment

The UK Hair Transplant Clinic is without question one of the leading Hair Restoration Procedure Specialist in the UK. We see over 4000 Patients every year and featured by the BBC. In the UK market today we are one of only a few specialist providers of hair transplant procedures and hair loss solutions that offer with a written guarantee. Our primary concern is hair loss and its rectification, that’s literally all we do and because we’re so passionate about exemplary results we never rest in our mission to improve upon our tried and tested principles.

Please note that surgeons themselves are not legally allowed to provide a personal guarantee, however you are protect by the clinics guarantee.

Free Retreat or Your Money Back

It’s easy to make bold statements of success, less so to substantiate such claims in a rapidly expanding and highly publicised marketplace. UK Hair Transplant Clinics tackle real problems with appropriate solutions every day and as such have never been afraid of backing up their claims of assured satisfaction and guaranteed results. At UK Hair we only accept Patients that we know we can help and create expectations that we know they can fulfil and as such can afford to offer a unique treatment guarantee. We are so confident in our ability to resolve your hair loss concerns that we formally commit to satisfy every Patient. When you choose UK Hair Transplant Clinics you can be re-assured that in the unlikely event that we are unable to achieve the target treatment plan and corresponding realistic result, we will welcome you back and retreat you at no extra cost. This happens rarely but in the event that we cannot retreat for medical reasons you will receive an appropriate refund.

Some of the lowest retreat rates in the World

Whilst UK Hair stand by their no quibbles guarantee we don’t take pleasure in retreating Patients which can for many be an added inconvenience. We do our utmost to avoid the necessity for retreat and as such turn 2 in 10 Patients away. Through years of experience we can spot a potential issue at consultation and in those unfortunate cases we are likely to turn that Patient away.

Hair Loss Tablets

Is your hair Like This?

You can thicken your hair by taking prescribed tablets

Hair transplant Clinic in Newcastle - Hair transplant Clinic - Finesteride tablets 1
Hair transplant Clinic in Newcastle - Clinic Finasteride 2

Examples of Patients who would benefit from Hair Loss Tablets

fav57  67% of patients will receive significant thickening

fav57  80% for of patients hair loss will significantly slow down

Prices from £1 per day

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  • We use this to work out the clinic nearest to you.
Before and after hair transplant